ReMix:Donkey Kong Country "Factory of Fear" 2:50

By Bryan EL

Arranging the music of one song...

"Fear Factory"

Primary Game: Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo , 1994, SNES), music by David Wise, Eveline Novakovic, Robin Beanland

Posted 2018-05-21, evaluated by the judges panel

SOMEONE on YouTube said that all of our DKC mixes are "Aquatic Ambiance" - just for that, we're gonna post ANOTHER "Fear Factory" ReMix, back-to-back ;)

Because we're saucy. Just to be clear, ain't nothing wrong with AA, but we've got a second helping of FF from Belgian newcomer Bryan EL, who debuts with high-energy trance/EDM take that has some staple sounds and sticks relatively close to the source, adding some generously-applied 80's tom fills in for a bit o' retro. No artist comments were provided, so let's see what the judges thought by quoting the entirety of Gario's opinion:

"Did I just get Rick Roll'd? Those drums are quite distinctive.

The arrangement sounds pretty "classic OCR" in the sound design, and the arrangement is pretty conservative. The changes in the style of the source and additional bridge squeak this one by on the acceptability scale, but it was pretty close in that regard. The differences that ARE there are pretty slick, though - the variations to the theme, the extensions of the material, and the additional bridging section are tastefully done. I appreciate the more intense drums and hats on the second iteration of the track, too - it does just enough to keep the part sounding interesting.

The production values are pretty solid in this one. The mixing is generally very well done, too, though the lead sounds just a hair piercing at 0:30. It's pretty unabashedly four-to-the-floor, and the fills are very... Rick-rollish? The hats and filters on the drums do give it some much needed variety, though.

It's not a bad little package, here: decent production, acceptable arranging, some cool ideas to help it stand out. It's not the most fresh take on the source, but it does precisely what it needs to do. Nicely done."

Ditto all that; not every mix has to be high-concept, and while I would have preferred a little more expansion/interpretation (on the mix title, too), what's here is good, and provides an enjoyable incarnation of the original. The toms get a little overplayed by the end, and since it's under three minutes I might have used them more sparingly, but I dig the warmth and modulation on the synth lead. Intro tom usage actually reminded me of "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora, whose cheese I endorse. Sir_NutS adds:

"I've been wanting to do a trancey/electronica remix of this song for years, if only to compete with blind's classic "Industrial Fear". This remix didn't blow me away, but it is solid, and enjoyable, and mostly fault-free. It does enough to distinguish itself from the original for me, and overall, is a fun, albeit vanilla experience.

These drums tho, they sound a lot like Fruity Loop's default library, which in context here sound fine. Maybe they aren't exactly that, but they did bring me back to that classic, mid 2000's OCR sound. Nothing wrong with that, as a lot of my favorite mixes come from that era. A lot of people enjoy conservative mixes rather than others that bring the originals in wildly different directions so I think a lot of people will also enjoy this too.

Off to the front page with you!"

There ya go; a hearty welcome to Bryan EL, a solid debut with a track I think a lotta people will dig, and a good sibling/contrast piece to 744's preceding FF ReMix - enjoy!



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on 2024-01-01 16:56:39

Hot damn, nothing better than a Fear Factory ReMix with a coating of 80's percussion that seem like they'll never give you up or let you down and maintains steady energy throughout. Love this.

on 2018-06-16 07:52:08

I've already cheked this 2 songs. And in fact, I have the trilogy albums. But even though ALL the OSTs have a remix, some only have in these albums !!! And I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE REMIXES OF MORE OSTS !!! All the remixers make such an awesome job, however Aquatic Ambience has a little bit of "overuse" and the whole OST needs attention !! Come on guys you know what I'm talking about.....!

on 2018-06-14 16:21:32

I'm going to disagree with 'youtube guy'. In fact, I spent years searching for THE Aquatic Ambience track before Zisotto finally stepped up to the plate. Disco Dan's was good, but ... different. In fact, this mix is close enough to Blind's version that I don't feel the need to keep it. I do look forward to other tracks from the OST, but I have no preference as to the order; it's all good. Dani, since it's your first post you might want to check out Gray Lightning's Voices of the Temple (missed greatly) or Prophecy's Chekan Winter (very DK1).

on 2018-05-22 11:29:25

You know, I have to agree with the YouTube guy... What about the others OST from DKC family ??? Some of them only appear on the albums of the trilogy, and are so awesome and underrated :/ This remix is indeed very good, but I'd like to see some of Life in the Mines, Boss Bossanova, Rockface Rumble and more !!!! Please let's take a break (only a bit) on Fear Factory, Aquatic Ambiance, and listen more to the full OST of this masterpiece, I'm sure some stuff can come alive. ;)

on 2018-05-21 16:24:32

Oh boy, now this is what I call an intense remix! It drags you into this excellect soundscape right at the beginning and keeps your attention until it's over :) It may seem a bit conservative at first, indeed, and Sir_NutS' comparison to bLiNd's remix is pretty on point, to be honest. It's your relatively straightforward electronica rendition of FF, but I just can't resist the beauty of such a somewhat simple treatment. And damn, those 80's drum fills - I really love retro-ish stuff a lot, so this can only work as a plus for me. Very good stuff!

on 2018-05-18 11:53:21

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Primary Game:
Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo , 1994, SNES)
Music by David Wise,Eveline Novakovic,Robin Beanland
"Fear Factory"

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