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We ended last week on a fourth-of-july BioShock ReMix from sschafi1 (Sean Schafianski) and we begin this week with more from him (& talented collaborators!), in a totally different progressive-metal zone, from ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed:

"I'm happy to announce that my progressive metal version of "Trisection" is featured on the album ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed by the Materia Collective! This turned out super well, and is probably my most involved mix to date. I wanted to combine my love for Final Fantasy Tactics with my love for progressive metal. There are many quotes and references to Dream Theater and Opeth in here, as well as a lot of changing time signatures, hemiola, etc. Let's see how many references you can name!

As always, I have to give a shout out to the players, who performed phenomenally here. This was such a beast of a track to get done. This was no easy task, and they came through with flying colors. I couldn't have done it without these amazing musicians:

Please enjoy the track and buy the album! It won't disappoint! :D This was so much fun and I hope that sentiment came through in the end!"

Love the changing time-sigs, in particular the 5/4 sections, and the ensemble is musical & tight, with a couple blips here and there. Backing strings and synths are a little thin at times, but do their part to accompany the crunchy guitars and shuffling, mutating rhythms. MindWanderer says it well:

"Fantastic work! I have to admit not being a huge fan of the FFT soundtrack myself, but you've succeeded in making this huge and exciting! The slight sound upgrade to the classic fake FFT strings worked well to support the guitar work. Playing your own guitar work over the source's melody worked really well, too, to add life to the more ambient sections. There are some lengthy parts with no source I can hear, but the parts I can hear source are easily over 50%."

DragonAvenger adds:

"Aww yeah this is sweet. Really creative interpretation here, and I wouldn't have expected this sort of style change, but it works great. I do agree that there are some areas that feel a little source-light, but there's still plenty in there overall. Lovely!"

FFT has always struck me as a more difficult OST to arrange, but Sean's done a great job, here, aided by persuasive performances from Tiago, Daniel, Marc, & Jordan, who bring the notes to life; prog tends to be more challenging material because of all the curveballs, but they make it happen. I liked the slower breakdown, lending an arc to the structure & giving listeners a reprieve. Juxtaposed against Sean's BioShock piece, a very different arrangement, showing breadth & depth. Check them BOTH out, along with the MC albums they're featured on - excellent stuff!



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on 2018-10-28 18:15:51

what a surprising take on this song, very interesting. It really works as a prog-metal song. It's odd that there aren't more prog rock fans in OCR considering how much influence prog has on video game music.

Ybrik Metaknight
on 2018-07-30 10:45:57

This is a very solid mix. While I must admit that it's not one of my favorites from this album, simply because this style isn't my favorite, a fresh listen today has given me a little new appreciation for it. I'm not huge on hard rock remixes of most RPG music, this one is quite clean and very recognizable, and I really dig that slower, softer bridge section, which really ties the whole thing together quite well.

I also want to give some love for this album on the whole. It's one of my favorite large-scale project albums from Materia Collective. It's not as good as Materia (FFVII), but it's probably a touch better than Successor (FFVIII) and about the same as Spira (FFX). Anyone who hasn't checked out Materia Collective needs to do so.

on 2018-07-10 02:27:35

Awesome, there's a lot of heart that went into the guitar performances! I especially liked the build back up from 3:40. A bit heavy on the bass frequencies, and the kick is pretty light on the punch, but overall the arrangement is super engaging and this is pretty sweet.

on 2018-07-10 01:10:27

Okay, this is downright amazing. Love the depth and range this piece evolves into, and the guitar work and interplay between the sections is just top notch. Serious consideration here for my most surprising mix of the month - this just blew me away and it's better with every listen!

Many props for this one!!

on 2018-07-05 14:30:00

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