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OCR03757 - Final Fantasy Tactics "Trichotomy"


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03757 - Final Fantasy Tactics "Trichotomy"

Okay, this is downright amazing. Love the depth and range this piece evolves into, and the guitar work and interplay between the sections is just top notch. Serious consideration here for my most surprising mix of the month - this just blew me away and it's better with every listen!

Many props for this one!!

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This is a very solid mix. While I must admit that it's not one of my favorites from this album, simply because this style isn't my favorite, a fresh listen today has given me a little new appreciation for it. I'm not huge on hard rock remixes of most RPG music, this one is quite clean and very recognizable, and I really dig that slower, softer bridge section, which really ties the whole thing together quite well.

I also want to give some love for this album on the whole. It's one of my favorite large-scale project albums from Materia Collective. It's not as good as Materia (FFVII), but it's probably a touch better than Successor (FFVIII) and about the same as Spira (FFX). Anyone who hasn't checked out Materia Collective needs to do so.

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