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We start the week with an unsettling, cinematic sax & vocal-driven piece from Kylok (Kyle Okaly), off of Arcadia Legends, with some late-breaking dystopian/industrial drums & a striking, creative soundscape:

"I've never played Skies of Arcadia, so I was hesitant to contribute to this album, but, after listening through some of the OST, my decision was pretty quick. There are lots of great themes in here, and the wide array of instruments and styles give it a lot of remixing potential.

"Valua City" stuck out in my mind as an interesting track to remix because of how slow, sullen, and almost ambient it feels at first, but then how it gradually builds to something that feels more driven and hopeful. I've been recording lots of "ooo/ahh" vocals lately for a few different projects, so that approach immediately came to mind for this, and I think it fits pretty well with the general vibe of the piece.

One of the most interesting shifts in the original track for me was the entrance of the percussion, so I emphasized that shift a bit more in my remix. I also tried to keep the instrumentation minimal, partially to evoke a sort of hopeless emptiness... and partially because my previous (and first!) OCR contribution ("Thick Jams") had... a lot going on. Thanks for listening!"

The swelling & receding sax pads create a fantastic, immediate atmosphere, as the vocalizing from Kyle & Bree breathes over them. When the drums enter, they add a stark, mechanical textural contrast. The whole thing is very visceral and in the moment, painting uncertain, ominous visions across the listener's horizon. Album co-director Modus writes:

"You can hear the valve of the saxes moving in this one. It's one of the most physical, real tracks I've ever heard. Early on when I heard the WIP of this, I magnetized to it. I became defensive of its development and in fact, since the judges were giving us preliminary feedback, this track instigated the one and only time, through 36 tracks, I said "No, I don't agree with this proposed change. I think the distorted background beat should remain fairly loud." We did lower it a bit, but not by much. It gave the track its balls and grit, while the somber sax lead pierces your soul. It's a reserved expression of the everyday grief we feel as part of the human condition, which we don't always like to bring out in front of people. This song just... connects."

Quite well said; DragonAvenger was feeling it as well:

"What a lovely soundscape. Love the combination of sax choir and choir choir. Really ethereal and haunting."

Choir choir, pants on fire. Kylok is particularly adept at marrying unusual sound design & instrumentation with creative arrangements that fully leverage those ingredients, and this is yet another example... and one that connects, as Modus writes. Superb work that lends Arcadia Legends depth & impact!



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on 2019-04-09 16:38:40

Thanks all, and especially to Modus and DFW! Proud to have inspired the one and only judging conflict. :D

on 2019-04-09 10:31:41

All credit goes to Kylok for really nailing his concept and execution. The remix is greatly enhanced by playing Skies, walking through Valua, experiencing the heavy poverty, and the NPCs telling stories of loss. It's such an iconic segment of the game.

Mr. Hu
on 2019-04-08 18:36:40

This reeds and voices in this are very intimate, which juxtapose the industrial-ish drums so, so well. It also paints a very clear picture of the condition of Valua as an environment, even more so than the original. Man. I love this track.

on 2019-04-08 15:51:58

This track got passed around to a few remixers until it landed onto Kylok's lap. He had a specific vision and he went with it. It was Modus who stepped in front and center to really deliver the hard feedback to make this a standout track. Where it was initially mixed soft, he wanted it pumped out louder and specific instrumentation to be more felt to invoke the mood and feel of our first time traversing Valua City ourselves in SOA and feeling the grime, grit and despair of that city. Kudos to Kylok for bringing it all into stark reality for us.

on 2019-04-08 15:42:32

oooh, so nice! There's a lot of great ideas in here, I liked it a lot :)

on 2019-04-04 02:02:03

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