ReMix:SaGa Frontier "Abomination" 4:28

By about:blank

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Primary Game: SaGa Frontier (Sony , 1998, PS1), music by Kenji Ito

Posted 2019-05-23, evaluated by Liontamer

about:blank (Chris Bouchard) returns after a twelve year hiatus with this dark, glitched out, industrial-horror take on SaGa Frontier:

"My original idea for this was to make a remix with the vibe of an 80s horror movie, something along the lines of a John Carpenter score or the soundtrack to Romero's Day of the Dead, since the original music plays in a laboratory full of deadly science experiments. That original idea morphed into something a bit different and probably isn't noticeable in the final product.

The biggest composition difference is that I go from A to B (in the original, these would be the sections that respectively begin around 0:29 and 2:06) with a new melody that begins around 57 seconds into my remix and leads into the "B" section differently than the original. Aside from that, the source is (hopefully) very much recognizable throughout. Hope you guys like it."

Some really cool sound design going on here, with some truly thunderous & abominable impacts, generous glitching, and an unrelenting sense of doom/despair/dread.... it may have evolved sonically from its 80's horror roots, but the spinge tingles are still there, along with some nice part-writing hidden between all the scary distortion & FX monsters. Larry writes:

"Chris is great at glitching as well as fashioning weird soundscapes, so it's great to have him back in action on OCR with a sophomore mix, and I liked the intensity here. This purposefully de-empahsizes the "Alone" melody to focus more on the evolving textures, but a perceptive listener will always hear "Alone" in play well, well before its most overt section at 3:42 after the dropoff; with the main melodic line as well as the chorus always referenced throughout. Sit back and enjoy!"

This isn't something you're gonna hum in the shower... or probably anywhere... but for a cinematic listening experience that conjures dark corridors & palpable terror, it's pretty effective. This is of course thematically appropriate for a mad sceintist's laboratory, but it also conjured some outer space horror scenery for me, ala Event Horizon or Dead Space. Unexpected & truly unique work, not something I saw coming, but it hits hard & held my attention, transporting me to somewhere terrifying but aesthetically interesting as well!



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on 2024-04-26 12:56:10

Some of the glitch effects and moments definitely got my brain feeling all warped and tingly. Whatever was happening starting around the 2 minute mark with those HUGE drums was super cool. This was a trip! Good job!

on 2020-04-09 06:42:34

Wow, it's a shame I've missed this one somehow. I'm always into the quirkier/glitchier soundscapes that manage to maintain some structure and has a wide range of melodic stuff going on, so this is certainly a nice treat for my ears. Absolutely love the huge as heck drums used throughout the whole track, and, DAMN, that fake ending at 3:41 got me so much! Killer stuff :D

on 2019-05-27 13:33:38
On 5/24/2019 at 5:05 PM, His Infinite Machine said:

Pity the game sucked such utter ass.

Travel from town to town (and only from town to town, no overworld exploration for you, nosiree!) until a boss monster appears and beats you into pudding.




No, you're right; that's totally fun. I don't know what I was thinking.

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on 2019-05-24 08:30:37

Great to have another remix from the game, and great to see another mix from about:blank after so long!

on 2019-05-23 16:34:52

my God, I do not believe, 12 years waiting for a new remix of @about:blank and finally it resurfaces with its solitude in something new, and incredibly 'alone'. an incredible remix that deserves all the artist's worth, okay let's just say I have not gotten over 'Acrophobia' yet in my opinion it's in my top 3 favorite remixes of the site. the whole situation of loneliness and fall, that really moved me for 12 years, and finally waiting so long it resurfaces with another magical composition, thanks for the return and please do not forget us and post more, thanks

on 2019-05-22 03:23:26

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Primary Game:
SaGa Frontier (Sony , 1998, PS1)
Music by Kenji Ito

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