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Following Black Ace's double-down on Contra: Hard Corps, fellow "series champion" Yffisch (Kristofer Yffén) returns to Monkey Island a third time with this fun, folksy, grog-swingin' accordion-led ode to the Scumm Bar (check out the official music video, too!):

""Scumm Bar" theme accordion cover from Escape from Monkey Island, LucasArts, 2000. I play this on button accordion, sopranino recorder, alt recorder, mandolin, and clarinet.

Escape from Monkey Island is the worst game in the series, but the music from the game compensates the whole game to make it better than a decent game. The "Scumm Bar" song has, ever since the game was released, popped up in my head now and then, and for many, many years I have wanted to do something with it, but without inspiration.

Suddenly, from nowhere, I just started playing it on my accordion which led me to a recording a couple of days later, because I got goose bumps when I played it on my instrument. Thereafter, additional inspiration just came from nowhere and resulted in this "Rum Barrel" remix. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did when I created it!"

Enjoy responsibly & legally with some Captain Morgan or Kraken; you'll know you've had one too many if you start singing along in the charming, wordless babble Kristofer employs :) Larry writes:

"Yffisch's got a knack for fully developing shorter pieces, so this is short-and-sweet revelry in the vein of his other Monkey Island series' arrangements: there's plenty of accordion, woodwinds, singing, and fun with a rendition that's more upbeat compared to the source. I love his niche of turning VGM into drinking music and wonder if his pirate-y, boozy style could be applied to other game music, either Monkey Island or otherwise; I could envision his style also working well with music from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag or other point-and-click games like Broken Age. No matter what game arrangements Kristofer's making, I definitely hope he keeps sending them our way! :-)"

I feel like we need a "social-drinking" tag, so we can capture the spirit of some of these gems in a suitable playlist; I too would love to see Yffisch apply his craft to some of the Black Flag sea shanties, but in the meantime his previous mixes now have some excellent company. Atmospheric, rowdy, crowdpleasin', & capturing the salty, snark-slingin' universe of the game with charm; glad to be serving up a third round!



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Escape from Monkey Island (LucasArts, 2000, WIN)
Music by Anna Karney, Clint Bajakian, Michael Land, Peter McConnell
"Scumm Bar"

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