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...and now for something completely different!! Pixel Mixers recently released Final Fantasy IX: Beyond the Mist, a gigantic FF9 tribute album, and we've got a funny, funky, reggae & vocal drama jam from Jorito (Jorrith Schaap) & many collaborators to help celebrate! Album director Hashel05 (Julien Rosir) writes:

"Hey guys, I have the great pleasure to talk about what is to this day the biggest and (subjectively) best work by the Pixel Mixers community. This album sets a milestone for us as a community and everyone's time and efforts is finally rewarded by the release of this great project! So let's discover "Beyond the Mist" a Final Fantasy IX Tribute album.

This album features 120 tracks (the complete OST + some duplicates) made by as many musicians. The album is over 7 hours long! While most of the songs follow the OST order, we decided to take some freedom and create some narrative arcs. This is especially true with the 1st disc that gathers songs related to characters or events linked to the city of Alexandria through the whole game.

We all hope you'll enjoy our new takes on those fantastic songs composed by Nobuo Uematsu and the creative freedom we took with some of the songs."

Definitely a different feel than Worlds Apart, but FF9 is a classic & vast enough soundtrack to support *many* fan-driven adaptations, and this newcomer has yielded a rather fun & quirky collab. Credits breakdown:

Jorito (Jorrith Schaap) writes:

"Near the end of the production process of Pixel Mixer's Final Fantasy 9 tribute album, "A Place to Call Home" became free to be claimed again. Because it's such an iconic track, it meant that it needed to be done quickly or it would delay the entire album.

As luck would have it, I was immediately inspired to do something with it despite a crazily busy schedule. Years ago, I already attempted a reggae remix for another track and I thought it would provide a nice foundation for this piece. Because the source track is pretty short, I didn't want to make the same mistake I did with the earlier reggae track (it was too repetitive), and early on decided I wanted to include some vocals to break things up a bit. Originally, I wanted to try and get some rap in, but finding somebody to write the words and perform them on such short notice proved to be a problem. Instead, inspired by the title (that I came up with early for a change), I thought it'd be nice to have some of the main characters tell us why their home place is the best, a bit like a rap battle but without the rap.

I was lucky to find some fellow Pixel Mixer QCT members (they evaluate and accept the tracks for the album) willing to try their hand at some voice acting. Rich provided the voice of Zidane, with a nice amount of swagger and nonchalance to it. Cecil signed on for a confused Steiner, and when I was a bit stuck finding a voice for Vivi (who in the game is a 9-year-old kid), he suggested his daughter Kathyrn for the part. Finally, OCR regulars Earth Kid provided a nice, sassy Garnet, and Cyril did a great job glueing it all together with his over-the-top performance as the announcer (a last-minute addition but much-needed role).

On the instrument side of things, I was happy to feature a number of real instruments again, to replace the MIDI parts. Regular collaborator John Stacy was able to help out with the brass section again, and Cyril laid down the foundation on the bass. tibone recorded most of the guitar parts, while I recorded myself on recorders and kalimba and did the simple guitar skanks.

All in all, this was a nicely inspired and creative track again, with lots of people involved. Maybe some people would even consider it to be a bit of a joke track because of the genre and the voice acting. While reggae is a bit of an odd genre for a game remix, and spoken word is a bit... divisive, I think we at least succeeded in making a memorable -- if not enjoyable -- track. Kudos for all the collaborators for stepping in and delivering on short notice, because without them this crazy experiment wouldn't exist!"

It's certainly something different, but even when Jorito colors outside the lines, he does so musically. I especially dig the dirt & authentically-relaxed timing on the guitar & bass parts, & John's brass adds an extra dimension as well. We don't see a ton of vocal drama (understatement), and some might mentally file such pieces in a different silo or category, but the interpretation is there, and the voice acting is enthusiastic, with good contrast between cast members. On top of all that, you've got a catchy reggae backdrop that's Straight Outta Kingston, providing a dusty, comfortable, & toe-tappin' context for the hometown boasting. Congrats to Julien & the Pixel Mixers for a giant tribute to FF9, and to Jorrith & his powerful posse for a one-of-a-kind mix!



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on 2019-07-28 01:53:18

Flabbergasting. Ear-catching. A must listen, and I don't know what to even rate it! But man, this remix just oozes style.

Everything about this kept surprising me.

on 2019-07-10 11:06:07

I've verified this. It was a problem of file extraction, because of the name's length :)

Thanks !

on 2019-07-09 13:24:53
9 minutes ago, bluelighter said:

Jorito is really talented to make music in different styles. This piece is really unique! Style really interesting :)

But it's not the Pixel's album, is it?

Thanks for the kind words, and glad you like/get it!

Not sure I understand your last question? This track is included on the Pixel Mixers FF9 album (disc 4 iirc), amongst 120 or so others. So if you have more appetite for FF9 (or more tracks from me, there’s 2 more on there), why not go ahead and download the album? Links should me in the mixpost. For the price of free you hardly can go wrong ;)

on 2019-07-09 13:11:56

Jorito is really talented to make music in different styles. This piece is really unique! Style really interesting :)

But it's not the Pixel's album, is it?

on 2019-07-04 10:50:21

Definitely very a good way, lol. Thanks a ton for releasing 7 freakin' hours of VGM cover awesomeness for the low low price of free!

on 2019-07-01 13:26:41

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy IX (Square , 2000, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"The Place I'll Return to Someday"

Tags (11)

Brass,Electric Guitar,Vocals: Female,Vocals: Male,Vocals: Voice Acting,Woodwinds
Origin > Collaboration

File Information

6,672,527 bytes

Announcer (Cyril the Wolf):

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's show!
And tonight, our special guests will tell us why their home on Gaia is so special.
Let's get started with… Vivi!

Vivi (katastrophe_owlz):

Now, let me tell you something...
I've been looking for a place to call home for a long time.
I felt lost and afraid, 'cuz I didn't know where I came from.
So, when I found my kin at the Black Mage Village, it was so cool to learn that we all have lots of riddim in us.
You'll never see more riddim than at our place!

Announcer (Cyril the Wolf):

Uhh... what are you doing here?

Steiner (GuitarSVD):

What is this "riddim" thing everyone is talking about?
Why will nobody tell me?
And can somebody please tell me why this music makes me want to move?

Announcer (Cyril the Wolf):

And now, my eager audience, I have the honor to present to you...
her royal highness, princess Garnet!

Garnet (Earth Kid):

Hey, guys, listen up!
I know all about what it means to have a place to call home.
I don't remember the village I was born in,
and the kingdom where I grew up was destroyed.
But it's my home now.
So we rebuilt it, and it's better than ever before!
My home is totally the best, and we got riddim in spades...
There sure ain't no riddim like at my place!

Announcer (Cyril the Wolf):

And the moment you've all been waiting for, our final guest, here's Zidane!

Zidane (RichGC):

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but you are wrong.
Heheheh, obviously!
Trust me, as a guy who grew up in a world that was not my own, I know what I'm talking about.
One day, you will realize that "home is where the heart is."
And my home is with my buddies!
They all got dem riddim, so...
Don't tell me there ain't no riddim like at my place!

Announcer (Cyril the Wolf):

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to today's show.
We wish you a pleasant night.
Sleep well and goodbye!

album cover
Published 2019-08-11
By Pixel Mixers


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