ReMix:Super Metroid "The Loneliest Bounty Hunter in the Universe" 9:25

By Pyrus

Arranging the music of one song...

"Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area"

Primary Game: Super Metroid (Nintendo , 1994, SNES), music by Kenji Yamamoto (I), Minako Hamano

Posted 2019-10-09, evaluated by the judges panel

Enjoy this badass, 9½ minute long Super Metroid "Red Soil" prog metal opus from newcomer Pyrus (Andy Bryer):

"This is my cover of the Lower Brinstar theme from Super Metroid on the SNES. The project took me about a month to complete. I used Ableton Live 9, along with Superior Drummer 2.0 (Metal Foundry) and other various free VSTs and Ableton plugins.

I never really played Super Metroid as a kid, but I recently had a chance to play through it a bit. One of the first things I noticed was how atmospheric it was, and how depressingly lonely and hopeless it would feel to be Samus, on that planet -- to be surrounded by nothing but peerless terrain and horrible aliens. I tried to capture some of that feeling in my composition. It is all my original arrangement; I played guitars, synthesized bass, drums, and other effects; and mixed and mastered everything myself.

Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy."

Certainly a memorable debut, I'll say that; this grabs Brinstar's surly & sinister "Red Soil" theme by the jugular, with some explosive fits of rage peppered into a dark, forboding night. There's a great variety of guitar tones, styles, & FX chains that keep the soundscape varied, and the oscillation between moodier bits & ragier bits maintains a compelling experience. NutS says it well:

"Wow, what a ride! This starts pretty atmospheric and chill, but evolves into some pretty hard-hitting progressive metal over time. I could nitpick this track here and there but I think the only valid concern for me is the repetition. The original isn't that long, and this remix extends for almost 10 minutes, so repetition is bound to happen but I think enough was done on the arrangement's side to keep this from feeling on autopilot. It's almost 10 minutes but it really didn't feel like that, you took a lot of care in the slow buildup, building the motifs block by block until the (extended) climax at around 4:03.

Great performances and clean production complete the package."

I'll second all of that; this feels like a genuine longform arrangement, as opposed to something that's been stretched thin. Andy keeps a focus & edge to the piece, a strong kinetic energy, and even the quieter sections have presence, impact, & scale. It's a big arrangement, taking a classic theme and digging into it with conviction, and makes for a hell of a first featured mix from Pyrus - epic work, hope to hear more!



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on 2019-10-11 17:20:29

The first thing my wife asked me was if this is on the new TOOL album. That alone puts this song in a special place!

on 2019-10-09 19:51:43

It's remixes like this that remind me why I love Metroid so much. I can't really say much that hasn't been said already, about the mixture of beautiful melancholy and heart-pounding action in both the original soundtrack and this remix. So, I'll just leave it at saying, fantastic job, and I hope to hear more from Pyrus in the future.

on 2019-10-09 19:16:11

It has that nice Risk of Rain energy

on 2019-10-09 19:14:04

Through the dark grit and sullen rage, one thought pervades the whole: melancholy isolation. I love the progression of this dark wrath from the muted longing of the beginning, only to return a little more than halfway through. A musical accomplishment of emotion and style. Well done!

on 2019-10-08 10:10:14

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Primary Game:
Super Metroid (Nintendo , 1994, SNES)
Music by Kenji Yamamoto (I),Minako Hamano
"Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area"

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Metal,Progressive Rock
Electric Guitar
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