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Speaking of Cyril the Wolf, he also contributed guitar, including some searing solo work towards the end, on this Chronopolis: Music Inspired by Chrono Cross symphonic rock collab, arranged by album director prophetik music (Bradley Burr), covering "Life ~A Distant Promise" & "Sea of Eden":

"Full disclosure: as a 15-year-old playing this game one summer, I could never get this ending. I tried for a week. Janna contacted me and offered her services near the beginning of the project, but I didn't hit on the orchestral rock idea until a later conversation with her. After sussing out some initial song structure by combining "Garden of God's" fairly basic melody as the verse with "Distant Promise's" heroic theme as the chorus, Janna wrote the entire lyric text herself, based on the game's plot. After some collaboration to clean up the words, I contacted Cyril for guitars at this point, and we were able to put together a really fun version of some great game music."

Cyril the Wolf (Connor Pelkey) adds:

"I enjoyed stretching myself out for this one. I'm not primarily known as a guitar player, I think, but it was fun to do some guitar noodling and put my new baritone guitar through its paces. I really had to experiment to get the tone correct for a dense mix such as this one, but, with feedback from Brad, I think we got there. I'm super happy to have been able to contribute to the Chrono Cross project because I definitely didn't have the time to contribute a track all on my own. Thanks for having me!"

I'd say the tone experimentation was both successful & worthwhile; symphonic/orchestral rock is notoriously tricky to mix due to density & competing elements, but this lead guit cuts through and has a solid presence, while not obfuscating other elements. Janna's lyrics & vocals alike have an epic, dramatic quality, with a recurring rhetorical question motif. I had to look up "geas," too, which counts as a bonus vocabulary lesson that could help with future crossword puzzles. I'm torn a bit on whether vocal layering/harmony could have elevated the track; as-is it feels more raw & emotionally direct, though on the other hand choral backing harmonies would have differentiated chorus/verse and delivered some additional ear candy. Either way, it's a powerful, hopeful monologue that Janna turns into a melody through her amazing performance. Connor's solo at 3'53" is a crunchy, bluesy, classic rock sort of affair, which means I dig it - love the tone, love the restraint - and it juxtaposes nicely against the wilder noodling towards the end. Everything's mastered to bring these elements together, and the end result is an epic arrangement which pulls no punches, leverages the talents of its participants, and delivers an energetic, dramatic, & high-impact orchestral rock experience; bravo!



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on 2019-12-04 17:11:44

This felt like a pretty large undertaking, and I was just on the mixing and mastering end of things. Great job everyone! :-D

Cyril the Wolf
on 2019-12-04 16:50:25

I recorded this one awhile ago. While I think I could have maybe tweaked a few things with the guitar tone on the baritone end of things, overall it rocks pretty hard while still being clean and ethereal.

Great job everyone involved.

on 2019-12-03 10:26:01

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Chrono Cross (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"Life ~A Distant Promise~"
"Sea of Eden"

Tags (13)

Electric Guitar,Orchestral,Piano,Singing,Strings,Vocals: Female
Effects > Distortion
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration

File Information

10,676,044 bytes

I have forgotten why I was made, a cruel geas lost to dreams
Futures were burned before they were born, a FATE that was more than it seemed
Now nothing is gone, but still there's nothing for me to save
I made a promise, but what did we sacrifice?

The links between us were broken, a surge of hate shackled in time
You could throw it all away again, start the cycle once more
The endless battle, two worlds torn apart, my malice lingering on
Time stops, unwinds, and breaks, spilling grief through dimensions untold

Could you have been the heroes I dreamed, if you had but dared the song?
Forgotten, unsung, the notes out of time and rhythms increasingly wrong?
Our story is broken and the cross is unmade, and yet you rise from the ash,
frozen tightly by recursive flame

I remember my hope song, eternal promise of a prison destroyed,
where I once could only see an endless cycle of death
There was once a distant promise we made with bonds much deeper than love
I'll search for you through time, space, and dreams. Trust my unwavering heart!


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