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Today is the official release of Hunt: Showdown on its third platform, the PS4, so it's a great time to share RoeTaKa's cinematic/symphonic take on the main theme:

"At the time of finishing this remix, Hunt: Showdown hasn't been released yet, but it's a game I'm quite looking forward to playing. This game has been on my radar for a while now. It looks incredibly cool and any fan of Bloodborne should find the style and setting quite appealing.

It's got a style and setting reminiscent of Bloodborne, with gameplay that seems to mix up PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Evolve as you hunt down a monster on a map where others are doing the same, and you're all against each other too. If you don't know anything about this game then I always tell people to imagine a cross between Bloodborne, PUBG, and Evolve as a multiplayer game that looks really damn good, that pretty much sells it. This game looks really awesome and I hope a lot of people check it out.

Considering I just released another Bloodborne-inspired album recently and were all sort of hyped up about a possible sequel in the future, I felt like doing a remix of this game's theme song was something I really wanted to do. This was fun to warm up and get back into writing after Christmas.

The theme song for the game, "Rise Up Dead Man," was quite catchy and simple too which got me interested in doing a bigger orchestral take on it. I recorded the growl noise at 0:34 as well as some of the percussive elements like some thuds and clap sounds and processed them into something neater, and I did the humming at 2:13 (this section always reminds me of the theme from The Last Action Hero). I've had a fairly decent microphone for a while now and for some reason I've been convincing myself to use it in different ways since I worked on my last album Night of the Hunt: Rite of Blood, where I did a bunch of different atmospheric sounds, growls, screams, and other various sound effects that I could process in a bunch of different ways. And now I'm more confident in whipping up some sort of sound if I can imagine it. Anyway, the remix sort of just takes the melody and builds on it to make it more tense and builds into something more epic. That's about it! It's been fun to do something a bit different."

This has a faint spaghetti western flair to it, and probably (?) wins the coveted award of "Most Humming in an OC ReMix" - very cool that Alex is using his microphone & experimenting with sound design; works quite well! Also always very cool to be posting an arrangement from a modern OST. This is a slow burn, starts off at a simmer & grows from there, with the catchy/straightforward anthemic main melody prominent for most of the way. Gario writes:

"As usual, great stuff from Alex; It's got the usual flair for orchestral arranging, taking a wordless hum and translating it to something far grander, almost Tolkien-esque in how it presents itself. As focused on the low end as this is, it still maintains clarity in the production, which ain't easy to do. Very solid stuff, I'm lovin' it. Great work!

While this is different from Alex's BB & Souls series work, you still hear a bit of that (excellent, compelling) aesthetic, and overall it's a dark, memorable, grandiose, & effective mix, signaling the appearance/arrival of a badass character or characters, not to be trifled with. Enjoy!



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on 2020-06-23 14:30:19

Four months goes by and no one pipes up about how awesome this is? Well... *clears throat* it's Roetaka. You know it's going to be worth a listen. Just the sort of thing to stop you when going down the youtube playlist before you know who it is. It's got an Oh Death vibe but with a full orchestra. Yeah.

on 2020-02-18 12:16:49

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"Rise Up Dead Man"

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