ReMix:Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories "Pot of Greed Is Banned for a Reason" 3:31

By Tuberz McGee

Arranging the music of one song...

"Preliminary Match"

Primary Game: Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories (Konami , 1999, PS1), music by Hiroshi Tanabe, Naoko Ishii, Waichiro Ozaki

Posted 2020-02-27, evaluated by Liontamer

We are proud to announce the release of our 73rd FREE community VGM arrangement album, Shonen ReMix Jump!, arranging soundtracks from games based on popular anime/manga from Weekly Shōnen Jump (Shueisha).

Album director WiFiSunset (Malik Williams - happy birthday!) writes:

"Man, where to start. It's been 6 years since I floated the idea for this album and I'm so ecstatic about its release! Shonen Jump, and anime in general, has always been something I've loved, from watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid on Adult Swim (Midnight Run) to now, where there's so much of a wonderful abundance of different anime.

I deeply appreciate the perseverance and determination from all the artists on this album. This album wouldn't be possible without your creativity and drive to make music. I'm also incredibly lucky to have had great co-directors that have helped to steer direction and vision of the album to what it is today: a loving tribute by Shonen Jump fans to the series that continues to inspire and entertain people. I've been mulling this over for a while now, and I'm absolutely certain that we'll have a volume II sort of thing for this album in the future.

A huge special thanks goes out to Theory of N for being a major part in getting this album over the last hurdles toward release, Doulifée for providing the signatures for the album, Sasha Petersen for providing amazing artwork for the album, everyone who helped bring this album together, and Felecia S. (my fiancée) for encouraging me throughout the way."

This is a shorter album, but the games in question are all new to OCR, and have some fantastic soundtracks - often, because of the tie-in & familiarity with the corresponding anime, I think original music written for licensed/adapted games can get overlooked, and I'm thrilled that this album helps shine some light & some love on these scores. I'm also thrilled that, after several challenges & alley-oops, it's finally seeing the light of day; one of our goals for 2020 is to release most if not all of the albums that have stalled/accumulated over the last few years, and this is a great start. We begin with a funky take on "Preliminary March" from Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories from Tuberz McGee (Callum Kennedy), who also co-directed the album. Larry Oji writes:

"Funky stuff that I'd argue should have sounded less stilted with the timing, but still presented a good personalization of a catchy source theme with solid textural variations. Nice dropoff at 2:10 along with the subtle rebuild of the beats rising up while going from filtered to sharper until 2:42. Good forceful guitar work at 2:45 to add another dimension to the chorus and keep presenting interesting treatment of the theme into the close. Small detail, but I dug how that last note tampered off at 3:25 as well."

Album director WiFiSunset adds:

"The opening to this remix hooks me in a nostalgic way, taking me back to the 4Kids TV days of watching Yu-Gi-Oh! on a Saturday morning. The breakdown at 2:12 is one billion percent ear candy!"

SRJ is mostly an EDM/electronic affair, so I was happy to see Callum's contribution add a little more organic texture & focus on rock/funk. Repeats a bit, but gets in your head (in a good way) and is easy to digest & enjoy. Check it out, then check out the rest of Shonen ReMix Jump! & share the news!



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on 2024-04-14 16:22:59

Pure and simple, this was a solid remix. it was fun, creative and jammin. What more could you ask for? ?

on 2020-02-29 04:01:09

The Konami funk is strong in this one!

Our 4-yo gave this the awesome dance approval. Wish I had it on video.

Nice touch of ominousness in the outro!

on 2020-02-28 17:33:45

Great work! I love this!

on 2020-02-26 12:54:00

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Primary Game:
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories (Konami , 1999, PS1)
Music by Hiroshi Tanabe,Naoko Ishii,Waichiro Ozaki
"Preliminary Match"

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Chromatic Percussion,Electric Guitar,In-game FX,Synth
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