Posted 2020-06-30, evaluated by Rexy

We've been featuring a ton of amazing work from RebeccaETripp the last several years, and she's also contributed two tracks to Golden Sun: A World Reignited - this mix finds her again collaborating with the talented Gamer of the Winds for a captivating, renaissance-style classical/folk take on "Forest's Requiem" - she writes:

"Kolima Forest was likely my favourite place in GS. Speaking as someone who is extremely attached to trees, this piece of music has always been close to my heart. I love forest levels in games, and I generally always love the music in these places! There is a lot of me that gets expressed whenever I cover a song like this."

I did an evaluation for this track, so I get to quote myself:

"Rebecca was the *perfect* artist to cover the source; tbh I wasn't feeling the original orchestration, and it cried out for humanization & a richer sound palette, specifically in the style Rebecca has perfected - this source was extremely well-matched to the artist, very glad this happened."

I like to think that every artist can provide a compelling take on any source, but in some cases things click especially well, where the source might be amazing but call out for a specific style/treatment or embodiment. I feel like the stars aligned in this case, and that Rebecca was very well suited to approach this composition. Album director TSori concurs:

"A big goal of this album was to give each different location a very different feel musically. Rebecca Tripp is remarkably adept (pun intended) at crafting very textured, atmospheric arrangements, a perfect fit for this album. I asked her if she wanted to be involved and I was thrilled to find out she was, herself, a big fan of Golden Sun, and eager to jump on board. The source tune, "Kolima Forest," is an almost tailor-made match for her style. She gives us one of our more conservative and nostalgic arrangements with this one, and that's fantastic. It's the Kolima Forest you know and love, but with depth and richness that take you from looking at a Game Boy screen in your living room and plant your feet firmly in the middle of an enchanted forest. You can see the light peeking through the trees, taste the mist in the air, and practically feel the life around you. Rebecca makes the world of Weyard feel real in a way only she can."

TSori says it better than I can, but we agree: a great source-artist matchup that turned out wonderfully, maintaining the spirit & structure of Sakuraba's original while breathing new life & depth into it - wonderful, transporting work from Rebecca & Gregory!



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on 2024-04-11 17:23:08

I really enjoyed the vox on this, once the vocals came in this remix definitely was kicked up a notch! Overall this was fantastic. Good job!

on 2020-06-30 23:53:56

Was anyone else ecstatic to see RebeccaETripp and Gamer of the Winds cover this song? It's all I had hoped to hear from Kolima Forest, and more. Thank you both for making this wonder a reality.

on 2020-06-30 02:42:04

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Golden Sun (Nintendo , 2001, GBA)
Music by Motoi Sakuraba
"Forest's Requiem"

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