ReMix:Super 3D Noah's Ark "For Sacrifice" 3:10

By thebitterroost

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Primary Game: Super 3D Noah's Ark (Wisdom Tree , 1994, SNES), music by Vance Kozik

Posted 2021-01-12, evaluated by the judges panel

I knew this would happen, sooner or later. I mean, it's 21 *years* later, but at long last the inevitable has transpired and we can finally, finally bless OCR with its first featured ReMix of the one, the only, Super 3D Noah's Ark...

Arguably, it's taken 2021+ years or even hundreds more, depending on your views concerning the historicity & plausibility of all the world's fauna complying in an orderly fashion with, well, pretty much anything (I mean, even the *cats*??)... but let's suspend disbelief for a solid 3'15" of sinister metal, courtesy thebitterroost:

"An unholy, unlicensed cover from the only existing unlicensed SNES game. Praise Him. All Hail.

Mics on drums. Guitars and bass are DI, amp-sim'ed with LePou LeGion, Lancaster Pulse, and Audiffex GK Amp 2 LE. Originally done for Dwelling of Duels' December 2019 "1994" competition. Wisdom Tree just got evil."

LePou. If you ever thought to yourself "I wonder what it would have been like to have been Noah... in Super 3D??" then hot damn friend, let me tell you: this is your game. Apparently, said identity & dimensionality pairing would have strongly resembled a Wolfenstein 3D clone in which you are repeatedly & mercilessly accosted by sheep, and since there are no photos from way back then, who are you to claim otherwise? Who? No one, you dirty skeptic. I confess I was probably too busy laughing to truly appreciate the music that composer Vance Kozik penned for this pre-diluvian epic back when I first (and last) played it, since S3DNA (as the true fans acronymize) is best enjoyed under the influence of strong substance. Or profound, all-illuminating faith... take your pick. But, as Cheetahmen II informs the observant acolyte, many bad (or ill-conceived, bizarre, unfinished, etc.) games can still have slammin' tunes. thebitterroost makes the case with this deliberate, dark, & menacing metal arrangement of the boss theme. Judges were unanimous, but Jivemaster did pin some theses to the door:

"Good to see this niche game get the attention it deserves. Guitars are played well. A fairly rhythm heavy piece with some nice chugs and wails. Arrangement is ok but could have been expanded further. Some parts are repeated a little too much. The mixing is also a little crowded, parts could do with some more separation, both they’re not terrible. There were also some missed opportunities here for a solo which would have fit in well (at 1:54 for example). That said, as humans, we’re not perfect. At 1:44 we get a vocal sample sending the message of sacrifice (that’s likely gone into making this piece). We should count ourselves blessed, as we are delivered this gift from the heavens."

Mana, pennies, and now this ReMix. I concur, there were opportunities to break things up (or down) a bit more, but it's all part of the grand plan, and for Joel to have even questioned that is basically an act of unforgivable, Galilean heresy. I'd smite him myself, but he's really far away. In Australia. I also think from an EQ perspective there's a high-end/air missing that could have opened things up a bit more, but that in turn might have led to excitement, dancing, or even touching - none of which are kosher on *Noah's* Ark. It upsets both alpacas. The voiceover confirms the demonic makeover the entire animal-herding enterprise has received, and it even includes the mix title for that divine resonance. It may not constitute Intelligent Design, but I'll settle for Clever Arrangement, and I'm thrilled someone, anyone, put together a S3DNA mix that meets our standards. Kudos, tithings, & blessings be upon thebitterroost for a mix thousands of years in the making, and an answer to my personal, secular, ridiculous prayers!



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on 2021-01-12 10:08:23

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Primary Game:
Super 3D Noah's Ark (Wisdom Tree , 1994, SNES)
Music by Vance Kozik

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Electric Guitar,Vocals: Voice Acting
Effects > Distortion
Origin > Competition > Dwelling of Duels
Time > 4/4 Time Signature

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