Posted 2021-06-21, evaluated by Rexy

The Breath of the Wild sequel trailer recently dropped, and what better way to cope with the anticipation than through music! Chimpazilla (Kristina Scheps) has been on an absolute roll, and continues the trend with this amazing psytrance take on "Gerudo Town":

"I wrote this remix last year. I've been sitting on this one and I figured it is time to submit it. I'm so in love with Breath of the Wild that I have played it ten times (yes, TEN times). When I heard the "Gerudo" theme, I knew I had to remix it in a dreamy psytrance style. "Sav'aaq" means "good day" in Gerudo language."

Some of Kris's best production to date, with exquisite gated/chopped vocals intertwined with a staple undulating psytrance bassline and ethereal plucked string lead & ambient pads; delicious, nutritious, and one of the best psytrance mixes we've featured since the provocatively-titled "Time to Oil Up" back in 2010. Psytrance is all about execution; there are a set of "expected"/gratutious elements that seem to almost always pop up, but (as with so many genres), it's what *else* is going on & how it all comes together that makes things work. Rexy evaluated:

"Usually, I'd prefer to see an artist spend time with their work before submitting it into the mailbox. But Kris did something different - she sent three tracks all close to each other, and was a force of nature with their consistent high execution.

In addition to the sharp production values expected from her in this genre, she went for an unusual approach to this more laid-back source. The bookends adapted the melodies to 4/4 from the original's triplet groove feel, and any usage in the breakdown from 1:28 onwards allowed it to bob in and out of existence while some sharp effect work took more dominance. I heard gates on the female vocal at 1:53; the subtle LFO sweeps on the arpeggios; a peculiar drone at 2:28; the rhythmic synth at 2:48 that moves across the stereo field while fading out; and some all-around tight sidechains that keeps everything in check. It's a fun and energetic take on a calmer source and another strong example of how Kris is developing as an EDM producer. Can I take a few lessons, please?"

I know Kris has gotten some tips from Jordan, and whatever her learning process has involved, it's been *effective* - she's become remarkably adept at working in EDM genres, leveraging her already-formidable arrangement skills with some slick detail work on the production front. This delivers everything I look for in a psytrance track, and the psychedelic layering of chopped vox was the perfect approach. Transporting, transcending, and transplendent - awesome stuff from Chimpazilla!



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on 2021-06-27 16:02:34

What a banger! It's basically exactly what you'd expect a nightclub version of the Gerudo Town song to sound like

on 2021-06-17 09:38:02

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