ReMix: Jet Force Gemini "Ruins in the Deep" 5:16

By Sam Dillard

Arranging the music of one song...

"Water Ruin"

Primary Game: Jet Force Gemini (Rare, 1999, N64), music by Alistair Lindsay, Graeme Norgate, Robin Beanland

Posted 2021-06-23, evaluated by Liontamer

More from Jet Force Gemini: Mizar Attacks!, as we continue to explore its galaxy of riches; because I'm me, my thought process before listening to this track was as follows:

  1. Badass, it's Sam Dillard!! This is gonna be great...
  2. "We could have had it allllllllll / Ruins in the Deeeeeeeeep / You had my heart inside of your hand...."

Sam's a bona fide ace at hybrid cinematic / symphonic mixes and has a long track record of brilliantly blending & juxtaposing orchestral & electronic components, and that continues here; love the initial low hits, and how brass becomes far more of a thing around the halfway marker. Piano lends some low & high-end ornamental stabs, choral bits get blended in, and the vibe oscillates from dark/suspenseful to something a lil more adventurous. Liontamer evaluates:

"This one was one of the album's more straightforward melodic adaptations, so if you like your arrangements in more of a sound upgrade territory, Sam's got you covered with lots of additive ornamentation. The instrumentation comes off like we're now in "Jet Force Gemini" the major motion picture, and I mean that in the best way possible; you've got a rich, beautiful sound that adds even more emotion and dynamics to Alistair Lindsay's already strong original composition, and Sam showcases one final strong variation on the source from 3:45-onward that ensures his personal stamp is left on this presentation. :-)"

Sam consistently strikes a great balance of professional production sheen & know-how with satisfying melodic/harmonic elements; he's one of the VGM arrangement names that I instantly associate with the word "cinematic," and he was an absolutely perfect fit for DFW & the Mizar Attacks! project. Awesome stuff!



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on 2021-06-23 01:44:32

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Jet Force Gemini (Rare, 1999, N64)
Music by Alistair Lindsay, Graeme Norgate, Robin Beanland
"Water Ruin"

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Cinematic, Symphonic
Dark, Epic, Suspenseful
Brass, Choir, Chromatic Percussion, Orchestral, Piano, Strings, Violin, Woodwinds

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8,807,362 bytes
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Jet Force Gemini: Mizar Attacks!

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Published 2021-06-22
By OverClocked ReMix


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