ReMix:Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon "Verdensrommet" 2:56

By faRk

Arranging the music of one song...

"Main Theme"

Primary Game: Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon (Sierra , 1989, AMIGA), music by Bob Siebenberg

Posted 2022-03-28, evaluated by Liontamer

Our first ReMix from Sierra's Space Quest series comes in the form of an upbeat chiptune EDM/pop jam from faRk (Hallvard A. Ulsund), who follows up his previous Zool & Mega Man 3 mixes with this spin on the main theme from Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon:

"Made on an M8 Tracker. This one´s for the Amiga. ;D Thanks, guys. <3"

Note that the mix title is Norwegian for "space", i.e. outer space, i.e. "In verdensrommet, no one can høre you hyle," etc. I'm loving all the modulation & movement on the SID-style chip lead, here; Hallvard really infuses the melody with personality & makes it come to life. A well-sequenced and modulated chipsynth lead can sound a lot more "alive" than a deep-sampled acoustic instrument, and probably even some actual performances. Liontamer evaluated:

"Amiga love is something we always want on OCR, so it's a treat to have this posted! It's nice to hear Hallvard give Bob Siebenberg's source tune a deeper sound. Once you hear the beats come in, it's interesting to compare them to the Space Quest III original (the DOS version); whereas the rhythm in the source tune doesn't drive it forward at all, the arrangement's higher tempo and beefier beats give this spin more energy. The constant lead changes provided dynamic contrast within the fast pace and kept the textures from stagnating, plus you have highlights like the drop out of the beats from 1:41-2:01 before an extremely smooth and seamless key change segue as art of the equally strong latter half. I'm in love with the entire palette of chip sounds; every blip, phase, and warble possesses a lot of character in faRk's talented & capable hands. :-)"

I didn't love the key change quite as much as Larry (not bad, just not my thing), but I definitely second the appreciation for the whole palette, as he writes; these chips have life, energy, & motion in them and really sell the energized, catchier take on the source. Great stuff from faRk - enjoy!



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on 2022-03-25 15:24:31
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Primary Game:
Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon (Sierra , 1989, AMIGA)
Music by Bob Siebenberg
"Main Theme"

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