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Some sinister, bombastic symphonic rock/metal from Chernabogue (Alexandre Mourey), Tuberz, & Furilas, as they take on the lesser-mixed "King Bowser" from Super Mario Galaxy:

"This remix was done for a cancelled Super Mario Galaxy 10th anniversary project. My favorite track from the soundtrack is the one that plays during the battles with Bowser. The inspiration behind this remix is the S&M album by Metallica: a live double album where the band plays along with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra -- truly a great performance. It's metal and orchestra, and it's (almost) never wrong! Features my good pals Tuberz McGee on the guitars and Furilas on the bass -- thanks a ton, as always, guys! Hope it's all good! ;)"

As always, bummer when a project gets cancelled, but dope when tracks finally get freed up for release & we can all enjoy 'em - this is a FULL soundscape replete with strings, brass, and some active chromatic percussion all contributing to the presiding vibe of aggressive rock/metal. You can tell it's for a boss & you can tell it's epic, and it actually would have fit in nicely on one of the BadAss albums, I think! Guitar sears & bass elevates beyond what a sampled part would have offered, and the overall energy is, in a word, intense. Judges did feel the rock/metal bits were considerably stronger than the orchestral bits, with the latter occasionally exhibiting some rigidity, and also commented on the compression/mastering being a little hot, but none felt it was dealbreaking; Gario writes:

"Very nice rock orchestra comin' out of this, and it just fits that source like a glove. The source is very readily recognizeable, and yet there are enough moments of guitar interpretation and style differences throughout that makes it something else. I love it. I feel sometimes the rhythm guitar's tone isn't very well defined (often between 'chugs' it sounds like one note being struck rather than a series of notes), but that's a bit of a personal preference than anything else."

MindWanderer adds:

"Arrangement is firing on all fronts. The source is used clearly, and even when it takes a backseat to original content, you could insert those sections back into the original and it would make sense (with appropriate instrumentation, of course). I liked the brief quiet section, personally, and the abrupt transitions were exactly what I would expect in an arrangement like this."

Right on; the symphonic elements are serviceable, and most importantly they don't clutter things up, which is more of a risk with this genre mashup/hybrid than others. There's room for improvement, but they complete the piece & they let the guitars, bass, & drums shine, which is key. Great villain energy - Bowser would dig it! - and a successful collab from Alex, Tuberz, & Furilas. Enjoy!



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on 2022-08-26 10:55:40
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Primary Game:
Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo , 2007, WII)
Music by Koji Kondo,Mahito Yokota
"King Bowser"

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Brass,Electric Guitar,Orchestral,Strings
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