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Some sinister, bombastic symphonic rock/metal from Chernabogue (Alexandre Mourey), Tuberz, & Furilas, as they take on the lesser-mixed "King Bowser" from Super Mario Galaxy:

"This remix was done for a cancelled Super Mario Galaxy 10th anniversary project. My favorite track from the soundtrack is the one that plays during the battles with Bowser. The inspiration behind this remix is the S&M album by Metallica: a live double album where the band plays along with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra -- truly a great performance. It's metal and orchestra, and it's (almost) never wrong! Features my good pals Tuberz McGee on the guitars and Furilas on the bass -- thanks a ton, as always, guys! Hope it's all good! ;)"

As always, bummer when a project gets cancelled, but dope when tracks finally get freed up for release & we can all enjoy 'em - this is a FULL soundscape replete with strings, brass, and some active chromatic percussion all contributing to the presiding vibe of aggressive rock/metal. You can tell it's for a boss & you can tell it's epic, and it actually would have fit in nicely on one of the BadAss albums, I think! Guitar sears & bass elevates beyond what a sampled part would have offered, and the overall energy is, in a word, intense. Judges did feel the rock/metal bits were considerably stronger than the orchestral bits, with the latter occasionally exhibiting some rigidity, and also commented on the compression/mastering being a little hot, but none felt it was dealbreaking; Gario writes:

"Very nice rock orchestra comin' out of this, and it just fits that source like a glove. The source is very readily recognizeable, and yet there are enough moments of guitar interpretation and style differences throughout that makes it something else. I love it. I feel sometimes the rhythm guitar's tone isn't very well defined (often between 'chugs' it sounds like one note being struck rather than a series of notes), but that's a bit of a personal preference than anything else."

MindWanderer adds:

"Arrangement is firing on all fronts. The source is used clearly, and even when it takes a backseat to original content, you could insert those sections back into the original and it would make sense (with appropriate instrumentation, of course). I liked the brief quiet section, personally, and the abrupt transitions were exactly what I would expect in an arrangement like this."

Right on; the symphonic elements are serviceable, and most importantly they don't clutter things up, which is more of a risk with this genre mashup/hybrid than others. There's room for improvement, but they complete the piece & they let the guitars, bass, & drums shine, which is key. Great villain energy - Bowser would dig it! - and a successful collab from Alex, Tuberz, & Furilas. Enjoy!



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on 2022-10-17 21:08:41

Hm, this is a weird one for me. I know the Judges had some beef with the orchestra being kinda stiff, but to me sometimes the guitar lining up so tightly with the drums is what stood out for me in that manner more than the orchestra did. Still enjoyable enough. I didn't think it was repetitive in a structural sense. I liked the shift at 2:17 where the drums dropped and the kicks go into double time.

on 2022-08-26 10:55:40
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Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo , 2007, WII)
Music by Koji Kondo,Mahito Yokota
"King Bowser"

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