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AzureKevin is an implementation of Kevin that runs natively on Microsoft's cloud platform. Actually, that's not true. Newcomer AzureKevin (Kevin Che) gives us a warm, emotive rock ballad take on Radical Dreamers ending theme:

"Hello! It's been a loooooong time since the last time I submitted a song! In the past 15 years or so, I've taught myself guitar and have been steadily improving my composition, recording, and production skills.

"Ending ~ Le Tresor Interdit" is one of my favorite video game songs of all time, and I wanted to be able to do it justice with real acoustic and electric guitars. I've been heavily inspired by rock bands such as Porcupine Tree, and my aim was to create an arrangement in that style. I hope it was successful!

I would like to resubmit "Treasure Beyond Dreams". Your panel's advice and criticisms were very useful, so I implemented as many of your suggestions to the best of my current capabilities. I had made a bad mistake and didn't mix with headphones, but the panning issues were very clear when I put them on.

I agree that the 2nd lead that comes in around 1:25 was quite harsh sounding in some parts, so I toned it down with EQ, but there was actually also a lead guitar part that was layered with it in the "chorus" that I completely re-recorded and brought forward. I must admit I originally used that synth to kind of hide my guitar playing, but this time around I decided to practice it a bunch and go for a better take with a different tone.

I re-recorded the other electric guitar parts as well with a softer tone, so, hopefully, that is also an improvement.

Thanks again for your time! Thanks for listening!"

I love a good resubmission success story, and this one definitely qualifies; Kevin's changes (per the judges' feedback) definitely elevated the mix, and I dig the classic rock ballad vibe with acoustic & electric guitars and some outer-space monoglide synth leads that remind me of Super Mario Galaxy. There's a resonance/grit to the synths that almost sounds like they're being run through an amp sim, or comparable, and I found it provided a more interesting & less predictable texture. prophetik music judged both the initial submission and this revision, of which he writes:

"right off the bat, this sounds a lot better. the lead is nowhere near as grating, the electric guitar sounds better, and the mix is smoother. it's a little over-panned for me, but it fits when everything's going. the lead at 1:28 and 2:11 is still very bright and highly resonant, but it's not as harsh as before. i noticed the strings in the background more this time as well - i really liked that.

2:26 when the rhythm guitar kicks up is great. it really has a great driving feel without being too heavy."

Chimpazilla adds:

"Guitar performances are great, part-writing is good. It's a sweet feel-good mix that makes me smile."

Me too; there's an authentic positivity to the vibe which feels relaxed & earnest while also maintaining interest and moving things forward. Kaijin (Tim Sheehy) ReMixed this theme wayyyyy back in 2002, and this keeps affable company with his take, while leaning more on guitars. Great stuff from AzureKevin, who really polished this arrangement & made it shine - hope to hear more!



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on 2023-02-07 21:28:28

Thanks, Geoffrey! One (or several ?) of your arrangements of this song were actually quite influential for my version!

On 2/3/2023 at 6:49 PM, Geoffrey Taucer said:

On the whole, my only complaint is that the mix feels harsh in the high end.

I think I should get my ears checked, as basically all the judges said the same thing. One too many loud concerts perhaps.

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2023-02-03 19:49:20

OOOOOH, 30 seconds in and I'm already swaying in my chair.

Arrangement is conservative, but tonal textures are enough to keep it interesting.

2:21, nice.

On the whole, my only complaint is that the mix feels harsh in the high end.

on 2023-01-24 16:48:52
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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki (Square , 1996, SNES)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"Ending ~ Le Tresor Interdit"

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Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Strings,Synth,Whistling
Origin > Resubmission
Production > Live Instruments
Time > 6/8 Time Signature

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