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We're sliding in Final Fantasy VIII: SeeDs of Pandora co-director Jorito for a mixpost of our new FF8 album's title track! Album director Darkflamewolf nominated this one because Jorrith's too modest and wouldn't put his own track forward, which is admirable (and Dutch), but all modesty is DENIED. Who's responsible for taking "SeeD" and broadening Uematsu's composition with darker and dystopian, even cyberpunk and cinematic elements?

This is a stronnnnng lineup, yes, sir! Like any good album director that's also a musician, Jorrith ran into a situation where a gap opened up, the team was in need, and the call was answered thanks to LEADERSHIP:

"This was a track I originally didn't plan on doing for the album, but due to a dropout this key track became available again and we had a slot to fill, just a few weeks before the deadline. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it work with the remnants the previous artist left, so I opted to start from scratch, giving it a bit of a cinematic twist.

The source track doesn't have much to it, it's mostly percussion and a few sporadic melodic lines. I opted to use the percussion as-is, and sprinkle it throughout the source (mostly the big drums and the snare rolls). The melodic parts and variations thereof were used throughout the track as well, yet spread out over the entire run length in a different order. Even though the arrangement tells its own story, with its introspective, tense and big moments, I hope people can still recognize it and tell how it is linked to the source track.

I tend to work with collaborators whenever I can, and this track was no exception. I wrote this track and parts with specific instruments and performers in mind, and I'm thrilled they all joined me on the ride. From the airy vocal lines from Natalie, to the serene cello played by Chromatic Apparatus and finally the soaring guitars by Juan, they all gave the track their voice and blew some extra life into it. Big thanks for helping out!

Finding a good title was more of a struggle than making the track (something I'm sure people can relate to). When Darkflamewolf suggested just naming it similar to the album (not the first time that happened!), I thought that made a lot of sense. And I'll admit, it's kinda cool to have your work carry the same title as the album. :)"

The source tune's distinct drum rhythm is such a key element -- one that's even stuck with me too as just a fan of VGM rather than an FF8 player -- so I'm really glad that Jorito was able to keep it so central to the texture of this piece; along with the main melody also being iterated on by each contributor, the constant representation of the source within the arrangement will keep you invested. This is a rollercoaster of a piece with dramatic up and downs, with key highlights from all involved, like Sirenstar's haunting vocal refrain at 1:48, and Chromatic Apparatus's rich cello lines shining through at 4:53, but, man, at 3:17, the tension and the lump in one's throat are real: by 3:33, Juan's guitar just washes over the soundscape and feels sooooo dispiriting. That's meant in the best possible way in terms of setting a mood and guiding the listener *right* where you want them emotionally. For Darkflamewolf, this piece conjured up wave upon wave of FF8 nostalgia:

""SeeD", despite its minimal nature, was always a song special to me. Being my first Final Fantasy after so many years away from the series, when this played during the mission briefing before the exam, I was completely absorbed into the story and its characters even at those early first few hours. This remix made me feel what I had felt then all those years ago when I was young, ensuring it to be my favorite track. The soft vocals mixed with the epic cinematic soundtrack make it sound like something from a film score rather than a game."

It do be soundin' pretty epic, don't it? ;-) These film and game scores are cross-pollinating over here! There's a certain weight inherent in bestowing a track the name of its album, a genuine need to encapsulate the imagery and intentions of what the overall project represents. For Jorito's piece as a microcosm of the overall album, it's power, polish, and a dynamic, transporting journey through music; "SeeDs of Pandora" represents all that and so much more both for itself and as a representative for the entire project.

We will ABSOLUTELY return to our community's new, record-breaking album with another flood of eight featured mixposts. It's only appropriate for an album of this scope; so much strength can only be contained for so long. :-) You've already tried the whole album, no? You're daft if not, but if you STILL need convincing, cycle through our initial flood of eight, including Jorito, Sirenstar, Chromatic Apparatus & Juan Medrano's intense namesake for Final Fantasy VIII: SeeDs of Pandora!



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on 2024-03-28 14:28:37

The amount of mood shifts I experienced while listening to this was pretty staggering! What a beast of a remix!

on 2023-05-20 12:53:16

Uhh, this is INCREDIBLE. I admittedly haven't kept up with Jorito's full catalog as of late, but this feels like a substantial level up specifically in terms of production. The percussion has so much impact and fluidity, and there's an incredible level of warmth to the organic instrumentation that gels together flawlessly, despite the massive array of instruments involved. Truly stellar work to everyone involved!

on 2023-05-08 11:41:23

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