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"Maridia - Rocky Underground Water Area"

Primary Game: Super Metroid (Nintendo , 1994, SNES), music by Kenji Yamamoto (I), Minako Hamano

Posted 2023-09-14, evaluated by the judges panel

First things first, this week marks the 20th anniversary of OCR's first-ever community album project, Super Metroid: Relics of the Chozo! To commemorate the trailblazing occasion, we've got the 2003 album spearheaded by Protricity that started it all re-released with stunning anniversary artwork featuring Samus by the unbelievably talented Steph "DiceSMS" Sybydlo, a gapless single file rendition presenting the album as originally intended, and a brand new modernized album website designed by our big boss, djpretzel!

To celebrate on the mixpost side, I felt it would be fitting to post a fresh arrangement also honoring the music of the Metroid franchise's SNES release. Newcomer VARIA (Zac Oran) debuts by having Samus two-step through Maridia, adding movement to a normally somber Super Metroid source tune. Zac explained how this one simmered under the surface for a while:

"I am a producer who goes by VARIA. I wanted to submit my remix of the Maridia (Rocky Underwater Area) theme from Super Metroid for your site. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have working on it:

The arrangement was first completed 2 years ago and I have spent the time since then making small changes and improvements as my skills as a producer have changed and improved working on other projects. It is finally in a state I can definitively call finished. My longer term plans are to release a longer Metroid remix EP for purchase, this is the first single."

VARIA asked if we could schedule this mixpost ahead of time so they could release this on streaming services as well. Knowing that Relics' anniversary was looming, I was happy to line up today as the day we'd drop VARIA's well-suited single here to compliment its release on Spotify, Apple Music, and the like, and we're certainly looking forward to the full EP launching so we can spread the word on it!

After opening with an atmospheric synths and SFX possessing an authentic Metroid feel, things took an unexpected, beat-driven turn by VARIA at :49, which is simply where the good times started according to judge prophetik music:

"intentionally fun opening. some neat sfx used. there's some really fat bass stuff going into the first hit at 1:04, and the groove there is dope. i really appreciated the automation and lfo on the lead at 1:04, it's super interesting to listen to.

the other Js are right - this is a surprisingly empty soundscape for how many neat things there are to listen to. i feel like this is an instance of the game influencing the remix and so therefore i love the concept. each element feels very crafted - the offbeat arp around 2:15-2:45 for example feels so intentionally gunked up, it's fitting. [...]

what a fun remix. this is a classic original and this does a great job reimagining it."

When it comes to this source tune, we've got ReMixes that lean into the gloom and isolation, we've got versions enhanced with thick instrumentation and vocals, we've got jazzy, and we've got cinematic. Yet we've never had anything like this, so I agree that VARIA excelled at making their "Maridia (Underwater)" interpretation unique, making each respective bit of instrumentation and sound effects count. Fellow judge Emunator also felt the pep in the space warrior's step:

"I love all of the little details that flesh out the soundscape throughout the track, it really immerses you in that Metroid atmosphere. The sub bass is thick and smooth and supports your groovy 2-step beat well. There's a lot of negative space in the arrangement, to the point where I found myself occasionally wanting just a *little more* padding, but your beats thicken up as the arrangement progresses, and the open space in the frequency spectrum contributes to a feeling of loneliness and mystery that works on a conceptual level. All the elements here are working well together, this is a solid debut!"

We're honored to revisit Relics of the Chozo's innovative Super Metroid arrangement concept by moving forward two decades later with VARIA ingeniously adding vigor and verve to this pensive original track. The caverns may be flooded, but the beat don't stop. :-) This has its groove and plays in that space extremely well!



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Primary Game:
Super Metroid (Nintendo , 1994, SNES)
Music by Kenji Yamamoto (I),Minako Hamano
"Maridia - Rocky Underground Water Area"

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