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Happy Valentine's Day, folks! I had a magnificent V-Day date with my wife, but we at OCR of course love video game music so much that we've got a Valentine's Day present for YOU too! Courtesy Pixel Mixers' FF5 album, To a New Dawn, RebeccaETripp & a talented trio of performers present a charming, endearing take on Final Fantasy V's Great Forest of Moore:

"This is my cover of the forest theme from Final Fantasy 5 "Legend of a Deep Forest", aka "As I Feel, You Feel", aka "Forest of Moore", originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. It has a lot of names. It's one of my favorites, and I've actually covered it two other times, hehe! But yeah, overall it tends to be overlooked! Incidentally, I called this arrangement "Heart's Lullaby"!

This remix was done for the Pixel Mixers album, To a New Dawn. You can get the entire album here. I recommend listening to the whole thing! There are so many talented musicians on board, and it's a treat!

The oboe, glockenspiel, flute, and piccolo parts were performed by some acquaintances of mine! Here are links to their channels:

Oboe: Teil Buck of Phoenix Down RPG -
Glockenspiel: Rahul Vanamali -
Flute and Piccolo: Gamer of the Winds -"

Speaking of love, some game dev out there, please send Rebecca a budget and your vote of confidence; we would love to hear Tripp with the opportunity to showcase more & more of her talented performer collaborators, especially Gamer of the Winds, who I had the great pleasure of meeting in person for the first time at MAGFest this year, and Rahul, who I also got to briefly chat with and introduce to Tony "Prince uf Darkness" Dickinson! While all of us on the panel had critiques we hope Rebecca onboards to help her work be as well-rounded as it can, judge Chimpazilla in particular spoke to the piece's inviting atmosphere:

"The string writing is utterly lovely, but [...] having them humanized will add so much more feeling to the piece. [...] That said, the arrangement is really lovely. The live performances are very nice, and I like the vocal-sounding pad that starts around 1:25. Everything in this mix is soft and delicate and intimate."

Yeah, I'm immediately enamored with the cozy, woodsy mood set by the opening, original writing over the top of the source fragments with the melody kicking in at :16. Great personalized variations of the source theme throughout, as the leading and supporting instruments constantly trade off for a subtlely dynamic presentation, a Tripp structure speciality. The live performances by Teil, Rahul, and GotW shine brightly as they augment Rebecca's usual delicate palette with ornate touches here, there, and everywhere for a relaxing new age feel. Whether you have a thing for forests or not, spread the love and give this a play! :-)



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on 2024-03-24 02:09:50

Very peaceful. Very nice. Solid stuff. :)

on 2024-02-14 13:23:16
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Final Fantasy V (Square , 1992, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Legend of the Great Forest"

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