ReMix:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Great Fairy's Tribulation" 2:15

By bash explode

Arranging the music of one song...

"Great Fairy's Fountain"

Primary Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo , 1998, N64), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2024-04-04, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer bash explode comes as advertised with a hard-hitting electronic Ocarina of Time smörgåsbord that'll make that rattle your brain and make it go *BOOM*. So "Hey! Watch out!", as Navi says a lot here, if you value those eardrums of yours. [Ow, my f*ckin' head. :'-( JUST KIDDING, I'm fine. :-P ... Ow, my f*ckin' head!!!!!!!!] So loud and aggressive, yet bash comes across like such a nice dude:

"Hey, there! I would like to submit a Zelda remix! I started this remix out as a beat battle for a Twitch stream and produced up to the first drop in 2 hours. I thought it came out pretty awesome, so I decided to finish it. I've always loved The Legend of Zelda series and ALWAYS wanted to create a remix of a track from Ocarina of Time, so everything at that point fell into place. I did all of my own sound design for synth patches and composed via MIDI, then arranged it in a hybrid mix of genres combining future UKG and dubstep/riddim, which I tend to do in a lot of my tracks. I chose this route because I wanted to do something a little more high energy than the original and what others have done in the past. I also fully mixed and mastered the track! I hope some of the Navi/Ganondorf/Link sample usage is okay, I checked the standards and it seemed like it met the criteria. Hope you enjoy!!"

The only samples we can't roll with these days from Squenix games due to an agreement with them, but, otherwise, sample away on the in-game voices and sound effects, we love 'em! Judge Emunator had dranks on his mind when he voted on this, which makes sense -- having a lots of drinks can feel like a kick in the head, not unlike the power bash explode brought to the table:

"This feels like the musical equivalent of not being able to decide what to order at the bar, so you just order a flight of all the seasonal drinks that are currently on tap. That approach doesn't always pan out, but in this case, when every drink on the menu is a banger, you really can't go wrong :) Yeah, trendy EDM subgenres blended with copious sound effects is a tale as old as time, but in all honesty, you really have a great handle on the production and mixing side of things and there's a load of creativity in the underlying songwriting, so the end result achieves far more than the standard "slap some sound effects and loops over a generic EDM track" approach. As a fan of bass music myself, I really dig what you put together - the off-kilter rhythm at 1:02 was a standout highlight for me, but there's no weak link here. \m/ "

Unlike Emu, I may be an oldbie listening to this at a lower volume, but the whole track isn't just loudness, it's dynamic and does a wonderful job at constantly evolving, something fellow judge Rexy gave copious credit to:

"Well, there's one answer on how to address a small source - themes and variations. And with your EDM approach, that means a whole kitchen sink of themes and variations. It sounded like it went from two-step to dubstep to breakbeat to French house to hardstyle to a wall of noise in two minutes, so I understand Wes's "order every seasonal drink at the bar" analogy. Very rarely would a break between sections be used more than once - aside from the frequent use of Navi voice clips - and combined with the eccentric barrage of music ideas, we've got something that was short, sweet, and probably a bunch of other flavors in there while we're at it, and doesn't outstay its welcome.

The sound design also has a lot to love. With the territory comes rich synth textures, various genre-ready tones, and some befitting EDM tropes. We're talking dreamy sustains in the first 20 seconds, snappy 808 hats during the lighter two-step sections, multi-layered dubstep basses, glitched gates before the end of the first minutes, juicy sidechains not long after, enveloped basses going in after 1:30, the absolute noise that is the big final bass at 1:43 and a room reverb finish. [...]

You saw my words right there. This track surprised me, as should the other OCR regulars when they hear it. Nice work!"

A bountiful bevy of grimy, coarse & throwback sounds, samples & textures that were effective the whole way through. Short stuff, but good, intense sound design, and well-varied. "Hey, listen", some of our best tracks on OCR are Zelda craziness, so welcome to the party, bash, we're honored to have you! :-D



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Eino Keskitalo
on 2024-04-08 15:38:29

Great fun!

on 2024-04-05 14:13:01

This was super cool. Definitely some awesome bass work at play here. There was a few very impactful moments and overall this was a lot of fun. Great job with this one!

on 2024-04-03 21:59:11
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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo , 1998, N64)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Great Fairy's Fountain"

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Dubstep,Trip Hop
Electronic,In-game FX,Synth
Effects > Glitching
Time > 4/4 Time Signature

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