ReMix:VVVVVV "Vigorous Pace" 4:00

By Gaspode

Arranging the music of one song...

"Passion for exploring"

Primary Game: VVVVVV (Distractionware , 2010, WIN), music by Magnus Pålsson

Posted 2024-04-05, evaluated by the judges panel

After arranging Baba Is You and earning original composer props from Hempuli himself, Gaspode's back with another electro ReMix showing indie love, getting turned upside down with flippy, chippy platformer VVVVVV!

"Since I played the indie title VVVVVV, I wanted to remix the great chiptune »Passion for Exploring«, but, for a long time, I wasn't sure about the style. After trying different ideas, I stumbled across an old Logic project where I tried to make an original trance song in 7/8, which was never finished.

I took the main chords from it, changed them to 4/4 and they fit the melody of »Passion for Exploring« quite well. These chords ended up in the buildup at the middle of the remix and defined the basis for a really powerful and energetic remix."

A great game choice, of course, originally debuted here by one of OCR's highest-achieving homegrown talents, Danny Baranowsky! Good thing Gaspode was able to bridge his original composition ideas so well with SoulEye's theme for some musical Lock-On Techology™, if you will. In evaluating Gaspode's vvvvvvigorous arrangement, judge Gario dug Gaspode's passion for exploring classic synths:

"Man, talk about oldschool. I'd whine about some of those synths being generic vanilla supersaws, but I think I'd be missing the point if I did. I like the soundscape and I think it does a lot of cool things with the source that's given, especially with those different chords beneath the source. [...] Yeah, I'm vibin' with this, let's put it up."

And will you look at this... MindWanderer, AGAIN flummuxed by a tough indie game! (Boy, those things are his kryptonite.) But hey, musicians out there, send in your arrangements of music from difficult indie games, it's highly likely that MW played the game and gavvvvvve up! I kid (maybe), but perhaps it's one weird trick to snag MindWanderer's YES on your track, as he's done for Gaspode twice now:

"VVVVVV has such a catchy soundtrack. Too bad it's so brutally hard.

Really nice old-school EDM here. Even catchier than the original. Lots of fun. [...]

Expert job of making the original melody into something fresh."

The synths really do have that nostalgic Euro flavvvvvvor to them, so if you told me this was featured on Remix.Kwed.Org back in the day, I'd take it at face vvvvvvalue. :-) Heck, at 2:02, I'm even getting One Must Fall 2097 vibes, always a welcome thing. The overall interpretation and mixing both are solid, and, with a gradual escalation of the energy, Gaspode's throwback feel is fully engaged and authentic!



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on 2024-04-05 14:07:43

Nothing like starting my music day off with some blippity and some bloopity. This was definitely a solid bop! Very danceable and fun. Good stuff!

on 2024-04-05 08:07:16
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Primary Game:
VVVVVV (Distractionware , 2010, WIN)
Music by Magnus Pålsson
"Passion for exploring"

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