ReMix:Super Hexagon "Focused" 3:33

By Crashlander

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Primary Game: Super Hexagon (Distractionware , 2012, IOS), music by Chipzel

Posted 2024-06-06, evaluated by the judges panel

Today's June 6th, so there's no more "super hexagonal" day of the year (6/6) to roll this next ReMix out! :-D From their recent EP, Last One Out Turns Off the Light, Hungarian band Crashlander debuts with an amazing post-hardcore tribute to Chipzel and her music from indie smash hit Super Hexagon! Along with bandmate Sándor Berki sharing guitar duties, lead member Attila Géczy crafted this last year to celebrate more than a decade since the game's stress-inducing-yet-action-packed release:

"Happy 10th anniversary, SH, cheers for Niamh! As Super Hexagon is in its 10th anniversary, and Chipzel's banger ("Focus") screamed for this, we covered the song in style of our favourite post-hardcore bands with Crashlander (project modern rock band from Hungary).

Post-hardcore with vocals in style of Funeral for a Friend, Thrice, etc. "Focused" dwells further into lo-fi video game memories, as the song is a tribute to Super Hexagon from Terry Cavanagh, and the origin of the musical inspiration is "Focus".

As a local friend from the scene told, "It is more usual to do a chiptune cover from punk rock/post-hc songs, you guys did exactly the opposite".

We hope the chiptune/game OST remix audience likes it."

The audience here is *absolutely* liking it, with judge (and post-hardcore kindred spirit) Emunator extremely happy to be hexed:

"Hah! I literally had Artist in the Ambulance open in Spotify when I pulled up this thread, the Thrice influence is quite obvious! This is certainly unlike anything we've heard on OC ReMix before, save for perhaps some of Moiré Effect's alt-rock covers, and it checks all the boxes well. The vocals sound professional quality, and you nailed the genre conventions in terms of tone and performance across the board. [...] This rips unequivocally - thanks for bringing a severely-underrepresented genre to our catalog with style and polish!"

Easy co-sign on this being pro-grade execution and something Chipzel would no doubt enjoy as a faithful yet creative way to expand on her score. A strong arrangement with smart lyrics, intense vocals, and equally strong performances, kudos to Crashlander making impact on OCR with a fun, focused, and instrumentally expansive journey! With VVVVVV and Super Hexagon now represented here, we just need a Dicey Dungeons ReMix around here to complete Terry Cavanagh's trio of commercial mega-hits, so we're excited for that eventual event! One day... :-)



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Eino Keskitalo
on 2024-06-16 13:27:02

Such an unexpected approach... but fits super well! Really well done!

on 2024-06-13 12:56:34

So great. The lyrics are outstanding. Really captures this game's unique ability to get you into a "flow" state and reward you with the feeling that you're doing something impossible.

Would make an amazing music video, maybe an underdog wizard at the game taking it to whatever its final stage looks like.

on 2024-06-06 18:15:08
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Primary Game:
Super Hexagon (Distractionware , 2012, IOS)
Music by Chipzel

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Singing,Vocals: Male
Lyrics > Language: English
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Time > 4/4 Time Signature

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[Verse 1]
The chase just started
But many won't pursue
Dream like floating
Carried by the flow

There's goals and progress (goals and progress)
The wheel never stops
Structure and direction
As the focus never drops

[Scream 1]
Connected, unsuspected
Tessellated and plain symmetric
Intersected, injected
Collated and downright electric

[Chorus 1]
Without a will to form it right
Without it working like a glue
The strength will offer nothing
The flow just can't come through

[Refrain 1]
Fading fabrics of our lives
Wawing fingers like sharp knives
Holding on
To what we can't follow
As we focus on the flow

[Scream 2/Bridge]
Walls closing in
Six lines of symmetry
Changing direction
Pulsating affection

[Solo: Sanyi]

[Verse 2]
Can't hold the progress
The stream will only grow
It's like the flood now
I'm carried by the flow

[Chorus 2]
Without a will to form it right
Without it working like a glue
The strength will offer nothing
Flow just can't break through

[Refrain 2]
Fading fabrics of our fate
Weaving fingers tight and straight
Holding on to what we know
As we focus on the flow



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