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OCR04686 - *YES* Super Hexagon "Focused"


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Your ReMixer name: Crashlander
Your real name: Attila Geczy
        Your email address: 
        Your website(s): https://linktr.ee/crashlander
        Your userid: 38711
Submission Information

        Name of game(s) arranged: Super Hexagon
        Name of arrangement: Crashlander: Focus [Chipzel cover]
        Name of individual song(s) arranged: Focus

        Additional information about game including composer, system, etc.. game is available on PC, Android, iOS, cult-hit from Terry Cavanagh, music is from Chipzel, legendary Irish chiptune producer.

        Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site): https://chipzelmusic.bandcamp.com/album/super-hexagon-ep

        Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, how the source material was referenced in the arrangement, etc.
Post-hardcore cover of Super Hexagon's Focus with vocals in style of Funeral for a Friend, Thrice, etc.

Happy 10th anniversary SH, cheers for Niamh!

As Super Hexagon is in it's 10th anniversary, and Chipzel's banger (Focus) screamed for this, we covered the song in style of our favourite post hardcore bands with Crashlander (project modern rock band from Hungary).

As a local friend from the scene told: "it is more usual to do a chiptune cover from punk rock/post hc songs, you guys did exactly the opposite".

We hope the chiptune/Game OST Remix audience likes it.
Attila / Crashlander

The chase just started
But many won't pursue
It feels like floating,
Carried by the flow

There's goals and progress
The wheel never stops
Structure and direction
As the focus never drops

Connected, unsuspected
Tessellated and plain symmetric
Intersected, injected
Collated and downright electric

Without a will to form it right
Without-it working like a glue
The strenght will offer nothing
The flow just can't come through

Fading fabrics of our lives
Wawing fingers like sharp knives
Holding on
To what we can't follow
As we focus on the flow

Walls closing in
six lines of symmetry
Changing direction
Pulsating affection

SOLO: Sanyi

Cant hold the progress
The stream will only grow
It's like the flood now
I’m carried by the flow

Without a will to form it right
without-it working like a glue
the strenght will offer nothing
the flow just can't come through

Fading fabrics of our fate
Weawing fingers tight and straight
Holding on to what we know
As we focus on the flow


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Great vocal work right off the bat here! I've been evaluating a lot of black metal lately, and nothing against the genre, but it's nice to be able to understand lyrics a little better. Yours are a little quiet in the mix, though; the harmonies, especially, are nearly inaudible, as is 2:36 onward. The lead guitar, while fine for what it is, is a little repetitive and it's sucking all the air out of the vocal space.

That's my only crit, though. Otherwise this is fantastic. Let's get this a title and post it.


P.S. There are some mistakes in the lyrics, not just typos/misspellings, but a few words are different. I'd offer corrections but I can't make them all out clearly.

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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2023/07/27 - (1Y) Super Hexagon "Crashlander: Focus"
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this is a great OS, had no idea it was so old already.

initial band sound is great, if quite bass-light. i agree with MW i appreciate that the vocals are clear and easier to hear than some of what we get. i wouldn't mind if they were a bit more forward and the lead guitar was just a little lighter, similar to what MW said.

1:10 is a break, nicely timed, and i like the counterplay of the left and right ears in the lead guitar. the bass groove at 2:43 was fun too. there's an outro from 3:03 onward and then it's done.

this is an easy vote. fun arrangement, the track sounds good, and it's a novel concept. nice work!




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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2023/07/27 - (2Y) Super Hexagon "Crashlander: Focus"

I immediately disliked how the drums were mixed here. The snap of the snare has no depth to it, plus it's mixed so much louder than the vocals and guitar, so the comparative volumes of these parts didn't make sense. I guess you're in the drummer's seat. :-D Aside from that, it's a strong arrangement with strong performances, a fun and instrumentally expansive journey!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2023/07/27 - (3Y) Super Hexagon "Crashlander: Focus"
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Hah! I literally had Artist in the Ambulance open in Spotify when I pulled up this thread, the Thrice influence is quite obvious! This is certainly unlike anything we've heard on OCReMix before, save for perhaps some of Moiré Effect's alt-rock covers, and it checks all the boxes well. The vocals sound professional quality, and you nailed the genre conventions in terms of tone and performance across the board. There are a few slight shortcomings in the mixing in terms of the vocals being buried, and the high-range vocals at 2:37, while super ambitious, lose a lot of volume and get lost in the mix as a result. All things said though, this rips unequivocally - thanks for bringing a severely-underrepresented genre to our catalog with style and polish!


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