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'''Director:''' '''[ Taylor Brown (Mirby)]''' ([ Homepage])<br/>
'''Director:''' '''[ Taylor Brown (Mirby)]''' ([ Homepage])<br/>
'''Mastering:''' '''[ Michael Birch (Flexstyle)]''' ([ Homepage])<br/>
'''Album Artwork:''' [ ocre], [ Randall Drew], [ Sophearum Seng (S. Seng)], [ Nate Horsfall (FoxxDragon)], [ keiiii], [ MissChibiChild], Vincent Vezina (Vince Kupo), [ Olivier Bariou (Doulifée)], [ Joseph Blanchette (LegendaryFrog)] & [ Taylor Brown (Mirby)]<br/>
'''Album Artwork:''' [ ocre], [ Randall Drew], [ Sophearum Seng (S. Seng)], [ Nate Horsfall (FoxxDragon)], [ keiiii], [ MissChibiChild], Vincent Vezina (Vince Kupo), [ Olivier Bariou (Doulifée)], [ Joseph Blanchette (LegendaryFrog)] & [ Taylor Brown (Mirby)]<br/>
'''Executive Producers:''' [ David W. Lloyd (djpretzel)] & [ Larry Oji (Liontamer)]
'''Executive Producers:''' [ David W. Lloyd (djpretzel)] & [ Larry Oji (Liontamer)]

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Audio Engineering - A Tribute to Cid front cover


Hey, Mirby here, and, as you can guess, I'm the director of Audio Engineering.

This album started in 2012 shortly after MAGFest ended, and was quite a simple idea. The first BadAss album had been recently released, and it made me realize that themed albums worked just as well as those based on whole game soundtracks. Much like BadAss was boss themes, Audio Engineering is Cid themes. More specifically, the themes of the many Cids of the Final Fantasy games. Of course, not all Cids have their own de facto themes, so I opened it up a bit more: themes that could be linked to that Cid, such as airship themes or area themes, were permissible. It worked quite well and, a little over two years later, the finished product stands before you.

Thirteen tracks by twelve talented artists showcasing all different Cids, in addition to a sampling of artwork by several different folks representing a small handful of those same Cids, are available for your listening, and viewing, pleasure.
Taylor Brown, Director

For more on the Final Fantasy series, visit:

Audio Engineering - Cid Highwind

Director: Taylor Brown (Mirby) (Homepage)
Mastering: Michael Birch (Flexstyle) (Homepage)
Album Artwork: ocre, Randall Drew, Sophearum Seng (S. Seng), Nate Horsfall (FoxxDragon), keiiii, MissChibiChild, Vincent Vezina (Vince Kupo), Olivier Bariou (Doulifée), Joseph Blanchette (LegendaryFrog) & Taylor Brown (Mirby)
Executive Producers: David W. Lloyd (djpretzel) & Larry Oji (Liontamer)

Audio Engineering: A Tribute to Cid features thirteen tracks from twelve artists, arranging themes from across the Final Fantasy series. The album also includes visual artwork inspired by the many incarnations of Cid. It was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Square Enix; all original compositions and characters are copyright their respective owners.

This album was produced to help promote video game music, all the original composers' compositions, and the talented artists that contributed to this project.

Download the Album

You can download the entire album using BitTorrent or download just the ZIP.

Download Torrent of Entire Album!
(HQ MP3 & FLAC, 13 Tracks, 45:41, 408MB)

Download ZIP of Entire Album!
(HQ MP3, 93.9MB) - Right-click & save any mirror link: MIRROR 1 ~ MIRROR 2 ~ MIRROR 3

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1. therex - "Skyhigh OR How the Sun Set on an Engineering Age"

Character: Cid
Sources: Final Fantasy II - "Airship," "The Rebel Army"
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

2. PixelPanic feat. mikeastarb - "Above the Clouds"

Character: Cid Haze
Source: Final Fantasy III - "Go Above the Clouds!"
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

3. Argle - "Dreams of Glory"

Character: Cid Pollendina
Source: Final Fantasy IV - "Hey Cid!"
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

4. Tuberz McGee - "Heart of the Machine"

Character: Cid Previa
Sources: Final Fantasy V - "Fire Ship," "Musica Machina," "The Ancient Library"
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

5. DjjD - "Experiments of a Fiend"

Character: Cid del Norte Márquez
Source: Final Fantasy VI - "Devil's Lab"
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

6. Omni-Psyence - "Canon in Cid Minor"

Character: Cid Highwind
Source: Final Fantasy VII - "Cid's Theme"
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

7. Ivan Hakštok - "Garden of Hope"

Character: Cid Kramer
Source: Final Fantasy VIII - "Balamb GARDEN""
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

8. Tuberz McGee - "Gwok!

Character: Cid Fabool IX
Sources: Final Fantasy IX - "Cid's Theme," "The Airship - Hildagarde"
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

9. Theory of N - "Al Bhed Ec Faent"

Character: Cid
Source: Final Fantasy X - "Oui Are Al Bhed"
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

10. Amphibious - "An Engineer's Republic"

Character: Cid
Source: Final Fantasy XI Online - "The Republic of Bastok"
Original Composer: Kumi Tanioka

11. therex, Tuberz McGee - "Progus Bunansa"

Character: Cidolfus Demen Bunansa
Source: Final Fantasy XII - "Desperate Fight"
Original Composer: Hitoshi Sakimoto

12. Moomba - "Gods and Crystals"

Character: Cid Aulstyne
Source: Final Fantasy Type-0 - "Three Hours of Fate"
Original Composer: Takeharu Ishimoto

13. Cyril the Wolf - "Windy City"

Character: Otto Cid Bekenstein
Source: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - "City of Wind (Windia)"
Original Composer: Yasuhiro Kawakami

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