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"It's the damn Shinra! It's never been nobody but the Shinra!"

Article by: Alex Stuart (Linearity)
Pictured from: Final Fantasy VII
Created by: Square
First appearance: 1997


A father and freedom fighter, Barret Wallace is perhaps the most boisterous character in Final Fantasy VII.

Barret was born in the mining town of Corel, where Shinra, Inc. decided to build a Mako Reactor to the dismay of the villagers. This later led to a conflict in the town in which Barret lost both his wife and his right arm.

By the time the game begins, Barret has moved to the metropolis of Midgar with his daughter Marlene and replaced his severed limb with a special machine gun. There he leads a resistance to Shinra called AVALANCHE. Upon hiring the mercenary Cloud Strife for a bombing mission, Barret secures his own involvement in the game's enormous struggle.

Barret is large in both body and spirit. His temper is markedly short and his words are rarely subtle; he says plainly and loudly what he means whenever he feels inclined to say it. However, his caring for his daughter is just as energetic and straightforward, and his dedication to his comrades is as indomitable as his ire.

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