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"Threats have no effect on me because I have no fear of death..."


Article by: Psychotic Ninja
Pictured from: X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 1993


In her teenage years, Cammy White was a high-ranking member of the crime organization known as Shadaloo. She worked as an assassin, a spy, and a personal bodyguard for Shadaloo's leader, M. Bison. She did what M. Bison told her to do, and she never asked questions. This is because Cammy was engineered by Shadaloo to be a perfect soldier, and her mind was bound by this process to focus solely on M. Bison's intentions and desires. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Bison eventually tells her that her sole reason for existing is that he plans to live in her body when his own fails.

Over time she breaks free from the mind control and becomes independent. At this point Bison considers her useless and orders her extermination. Before this can be carried out, Vega saves her and leaves her unconscious on the doorstep of the British paramilitary organization Delta Red. She awakens with amnesia, hardly resembling her former self. Later on she joins Delta Red and becomes a new Cammy White that fights terrorists.

Cammy first appeared in the 1993 game Super Street Fighter II, which is the fourth edition of Street Fighter II. Cammy is one of the four characters that were introduced in this edition, and is the second female character to ever appear in a Street Fighter game. The two sections of Cammy's life are reflected in two separate playable characters in the games: Shadaloo Cammy is a bodyguard and assassin loyal to M. Bison, while Delta Red Cammy is an English secret agent fighting terrorism and trying to make the world a better place.

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  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

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  • Street Fighter IV (2009)

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