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#ocremix on

#ocremix on the EsperNet IRC network is the official channel for OverClocked ReMix. You can use it to discuss a wide variety of topics related or unrelated to ocremix, but please read the channel rules first, and follow them. You can access #ocremix using mIRC or other IRC clients, or via your web browser using our online java applet. If you are new to IRC and need general help on getting started, check out

Other related channels

Respect all EsperNet network rules

They are at Please read them and follow them. #ocremix is situated on their network, they provide a service to us and anyone else who wishes to chat, without charging a cent. We will not and cannot protect anyone who breaks network rules from their repercussions, and may bring such violations to the attention of EsperNet admins if necessary.

In addition to network rules, do not disrupt #ocremix with:

  • Abuse/Harassment: No malicious attacks/insults, meaning no hurtful comments aimed at one with whom you aren't friendly. Any confusion can be clarified with ops. This includes random, unprompted attacks on those new to the channel or those who are clearly idling and haven't said anything. Note that within the context of an argument, insults are bound to occur; this rule speaks more towards continual abuse or threats after the person in question has asked you to stop.
  • Caps/Colors/Symbols: Unless making a one-time, one-line point that warrants it, don't use excessive caps, font colors, or other symbols that visually eat up a lot of space or impact the legibility of the channel. Clearly, every once in awhile, saying something in all caps is going to happen, but leaving it one for multiple lines starts becoming distracting, unnecessary, and inconsiderate.
  • Flooding/Spamming: Any repeated or excessive posting not required to advance ongoing conversation will result in a kick/ban/whatever. Conversation related entries of high volume that may be considered appropriate will be allowed unless a member of the channel asks the poster to stop because it is disruptive.
  • Scripts: If you have a script that spits out what you're listening to, your computer specs, or whatever, make sure it is under control (e.g. doesn't spew out ten songs in three seconds) and cannot be abused by others to spam/flood the channel.

There may be more offenses outside the types listed that are disruptive to the channel. We will do our best, however, to make this list the definitive authority for behavior to be avoided. We ask that if you have any doubts about doing or saying something on the channel you THINK could be disruptive, but isn't mentioned above, please refrain and/or ask an OP for guidance.

#ocremix moderation (for offenses committed within 24 hours of one another)

  • First Offense: Kicked from channel - you'll have the ability to come back and find out why you were kicked, to prevent further problems. It is your responsibility to contact the OP in question and get clarification, not the other way around.
  • Second Offense: Banned for an hour. It is your responsibility, after an hour, to contact the OP in question or another OP from the channel with a request to be unbanned, explaining the situation.
  • Third Offense: Banned for a day. Same as above.
  • Fourth Offense: Banned for a week. Same as above.
  • Notes/Exceptions: If you intentionally evade any ban, it may be extended indefinitely or until an OP decides to unban. If it's clear you're having others disrupt the channel on your behalf, everyone involved will be banned indefinitely or until an OP decides to unban. If you continue a pattern of abuse consistently, after being unbanned after each period, you will be banned indefinitely or until an OP decides otherwise. Any additional repercussions resulting from illegal actions or violations of chat network rules take precedence over the above.


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