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Article by: '''Beverley Wooff ([ Rexy])'''<br>
Article by: '''Beverley Wooff ([ Rexy])'''<br>
Pictured from: ''Crash Bandicoot: Warped''<br>
Pictured from: ''Crash Bandicoot''<br>
Created by: Andy Gavin & Jason Rubin ([ Naughty Dog])<br>
Created by: Andy Gavin & Jason Rubin ([ Naughty Dog])<br>
First appearance: 1996
First appearance: 1996

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Article by: Beverley Wooff (Rexy)
Pictured from: Crash Bandicoot
Created by: Andy Gavin & Jason Rubin (Naughty Dog)
First appearance: 1996


A breakthrough in platform video game design, Crash Bandicoot started life on the Sony PlayStation, going as far as being an unofficial mascot for the system throughout the 1990s.

A reject from Dr. Neo Cortex's globe-dominating mutant army, Crash typically sets out to stop whatever diabolical scheme Cortex has to take over the world, usually involving the power of tall purple 'power crystals.' In spite of being enemies, there have been instances of Crash and Cortex working together throughout the series' progression, usually against a common foe.

Crash is often joined by the guardian mask Aku Aku, who acts as a mentor and shield; his sister Coco, a much smarter bandicoot capable of hacking into Cortex's data systems and building many gadgets, including the virtual 'warp rooms' early on in the series' run; Crunch, a bandicoot obsessed with his own fitness and strength; and many small animals that guide them from place to place, including a polar bear cub, a tiger cub, and a T. rex hatchling.

Crash himself is highly expressive in spite of his limited verbal skills, mostly through exaggerated body language. He's not afraid of getting hurt even with Aku Aku getting in the way, and he would easily throw himself in the line of danger just to do what's right. His range of attacks originally started with a jump and a spin attack — which solidified his namesake due to his 'crashing' into boxes this way — but he eventually learnt new tricks over time, including the belly flop, a slide attack, and even wielding a fruit bazooka! Outside of his adventuring time, he can be seen relaxing at the beach, whether it be sunbathing, wakeboarding, feasting on wumpa fruit, or spending time with Coco and Crunch.

The original Crash title was critically acclaimed for its 3D-on-rails game design and cartoony visuals, and has sold over 6 million units worldwide. Additionally, Crash is one of very few Western-created game franchises to receive a huge following in Japan. This was further helped by having new cosmetic additions and bonuses exclusive to the Japanese releases, with some being brought back into future Western releases, including Crash's signature victory dance and the recurring joke character Fake Crash.

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