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"You forget, Mega Man. Robots cannot harm humans..."


Article by: David Hesselbom (Dafydd)
Pictured from: Mega Man 8
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 1987


Dr. Albert Wily, sporting a white lab coat, wild, grey hair, a mustache, bushy eyebrows, and a superior intellect, seems to share a bit more than his first name with world-famous physicist Albert Einstein. The one important thing that sets them apart is that the latter was a pacifist and the former is the archetypal mad scientist bent on destruction and power.

Wily's story has changed several times, but the one more commonly told is that he was originally the aide of genius Dr. Light, the creator of what was to become Mega Man and several other humanoid robots. After stealing several of these robots for his own ends, Dr. Wily turned them into destructive weapons, dubbed them Robot Masters, and let them wreak havoc on the city of Monsteropolis in an attempt to take over the world. Answering his schemes was the combat-refitted household robot Mega Man, who destroyed Wily's Robot Masters along with the rest of his armada of robots, leaving him crying at Mega Man's feet, one of his customary acts.

Even when defeated, Dr. Wily is notorious for his ability to elude the arms of justice. He's often spotted in his flying saucer, wagging his eyebrows tauntingly, and hiding deep within his Skull Castle. Before Mega Man can face him, he must deal with Wily's set of Robot Masters, his armada, and sometimes even a stand-in character who Wily uses to delay Mega Man. Dr. Wily always has a backup plan ready, even when he needs to flee and attempt global conquest another time.

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