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You can add the latest ReMixes posted on OverClocked ReMix to your website, or use an RSS client to get notifications on your desktop, using our RSS feeds. Though less flexible, there's also a JavaScript feed that doesn't require any special coding and can be placed on any HTML page.


Gmail Web Clips

To add randomized headlines of our 10 latest ReMixes above your Gmail inbox via our RSS2.0 feed, go to the "Web Clips" portion of your Settings, search for "OverClocked ReMix" or "ocremix", and select the OverClocked ReMix feed.


To follow all newly posted ReMixes with iGoogle, click "Add stuff" on the right-hand side, search for "OverClocked ReMix" or "ocremix", and click "Add it now". Maximize the gadget to view a larger list of recent ReMixes.

Google Reader

To follow all newly posted ReMixes with Google Reader, click "Add Subscription", search for "OverClocked ReMix" or "ocremix", and subscribe to the OverClocked ReMix feed.


To receive Twitter updates on all newly posted ReMixes and news announcements, click "follow" at the OC ReMix Twitter feed.


To use the JavaScript, just copy and paste the following code for each feed into the area of your web page where you want the links to show up!

<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


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