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OverClocked ReMix defines a game as:

"Interactive visual entertainment software designed to execute on a specific platform, with an emphasis on challenge and goals."

Each individual game in our database is described independent of the following criteria:

  • Localization (language, PAL vs. NTSC, etc.)
  • Minor revisions (e.g. collector's editions)
  • Inclusion in compilations

For example, the following items do not meet this definition:

  • Compilations consisting primarily of previously released material
  • Compilations with a wide variety of non-gaming content (e.g. magazine discs)
  • Emulation of a game (e.g. the Wii's Virtual Console)
  • Software that is primarily educational/informative or explorative in nature (sometimes referred to as "non-games")
  • Software that is primarily a creative tool or utility, with minimal gaming elements (e.g. eJay series, Korg DS-10)


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