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"Are you still following me? Do I have to scream?"


Article by: Paul Watkins (watkinzez)
Pictured from: Silent Hill 3
Created by: Konami
First appearance: 2003


Heather Morris is your average teen girl: tastes in music, clothing and shopping, with a penchant for a short temper. Or at least that's what she thought as she sat there in the burger parlor at her local mall. Her dad had sent her on some errand, and she was late to return home. It was with skepticism on her part that a man garbed in a trench coat approached her, one that she had never met before. Distressed at his apparent interest in her and repeated strange questions, Heather quickly left to where he couldn't follow — the ladies' bathroom.

Now questions run through her mind. Who is this man? Who does he work for? What does he want with me? Not wanting to cross him again for fear of safety, she concludes the window is the only escape route from whoever is following her. Her uncertainty is not over, however. Everything after her leaving the diner seems strangely... empty.

What had happened to the people in the mall? Where had they gone? She was alone. As she walks through the surrounds, she increasingly finds herself in some hellish nightmare from which she can't escape. The buildings are deformed, walls are covered with rust and smears of blood run across the ground. Creatures that Heather cannot physically justify begin to appear, with no one around to defend her.

This seemingly random string of events is what Heather eventually realizes she is somehow related to. Memories from the past begin to bother her. As to why such an occurrence is happening, she doesn't know. In a struggle to survive, she decides to find out for herself.

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