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"If you're not here to help my friend, then get out of my way, so I can do it myself!"


Article by: Taylor Brown (Mirby)
Pictured from: Golden Sun
Created by: Camelot Software Planning
First appearance: 2001


In the world of Weyard, there are gifted individuals who, using the powers of Psynergy and Alchemy, can control one of the four elements. These people are known as Adepts, and can manipulate the powers of earth (known as Venus), fire (Mars), wind (Jupiter), or water (Mercury) to their advantage. Eons ago, the ancients deemed these powers too dangerous, and thus sealed them away using four jewels known as the Elemental Stars. The effects of this lost legend resurface centuries later in a small mountain village known as Vale, and life changes quickly for a young Venus Adept named Isaac.

Raiders come to seek the truth in those tales, and in so doing trigger a trap which kills Isaac's father, along with the parents and brother of a close friend. Isaac and his friend Garet run into the sole survivors of the raiding party while looking for help, and are promptly rendered unconscious. Feeling as if those they lost could have been saved had they been more skilled with Psynergy, Isaac and Garet begin studying the art heavily over the next three years. At the insistence of their teacher, their studies lead them to Sol Sanctum, an ancient shrine dedicated to the sun that few may enter. Once they do, the group becomes part of events that could very well change them and the world they live in forever.

Much like the element he controls, Isaac is a resolute individual with a slight stubborn streak. He's very kind-hearted, and will strongly trust those he counts as friends. Isaac also prefers to think things through instead of deciding hastily, examining all angles to ensure he's coming to the proper conclusion. Once he makes up his mind, he'll see it through to the end, no matter what. Although he's a silent protagonist in the first Golden Sun, he gains the ability to speak in its sequel, The Lost Age. By the end of the events in that game, Isaac is seen as one of the most powerful Venus Adepts alive. This strength is eventually passed on to his son, who learns all he knows from Isaac as he embarks on a quest that takes him all over northern Weyard 30 years after his father's famous quest.

Selected game appearances

Game Boy Advance


  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)

Nintendo DS

  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (2010)



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