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"So you're up to your old tricks again, eh, Dedede?"


Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Kirby's Adventure
Created by: HAL Laboratory
First appearance: 1992


Kirby is a happy-go-lucky pink puffball from Dream Land. Ever the hungry star warrior, he's widely known for his ability to inhale enemies and copy their powers. Examples include turning into a wheel to roll quickly through levels, hacking and slashing with a sword, and emitting an ice barrier around himself to freeze foes. Transportation is simple: thanks to his light weight, he can puff up and flap his stubby arms to fly, or he can board a Warpstar and zoom through space to a new destination, always crashing upon impact. Kirby likes to make a flashy entrance.

On his adventures, Kirby searches for goods such as stolen food, crystal shards, and pieces of the Star Rod, which keeps Dream Landers' dreams flowing. But he never ventures alone. Friends and foes alike, including the gluttonous penguin King Dedede, the stout swordsman Meta Knight, and the singular tree Whispy Woods, pop up in places like Kirby's Right Back at Ya! anime and the Super Smash Bros. games. Easy company for one so well-rounded.

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  • Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble (2000)


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