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Article by: Paul Watkins (watkinzez)
Pictured from: Chrono Trigger
Created by: Square
First appearance: 1995


Armed with a gun, a mallet and a mind deeper than many of the greats, Lucca hails from the Kingdom of Guardia in 1000 A.D. Her affinity for tinkering with various mechanical contraptions is fueled by her desire to create a better tomorrow through science, and her inventions are catalysts for the events leading to the quest that is undertaken in Chrono Trigger. It seems her teleportation device reacts strangely to an ancient pendant when unveiled at the Millennial Fair celebrations, starting a journey through time worthy of H.G. Wells.

Despite her quaint appearance, her efforts, both in technology and courage, increasingly disprove her reputation as a failed scientist throughout the course of the game. It is Lucca's abilities which make the mission to save the world from the apocalypse a possibility, her vast knowledge of electronics and mechanics turning the tide of battle many a time. She is fascinated by the machine they call Robo, left deactivated in the cold future, only to be fixed by the know-how of the brave scientist. Lucca brings the wrath of fire to the band's battles against enemies unknown in their home time, her weapons proving to be a powerful ally in their fights. Her knowledge is rivaled only by her self-confidence in the hope that she will be able to create a better world.

Lucca is childhood friends with the game's protagonist, Crono. It is clear that they share a strong friendship and care for each other, and vow to fight together to destroy the entity known as Lavos.


"Looks like you need my genius after all!"

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