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Article by: '''[ Psychotic Ninja]''' <br>
Pictured from: ''Street Fighter Alpha 3'' <br>
Created by: [ Capcom] <br>
First appearance: 1991 <br>
== Bio ==
M. Bison, the final boss of ''Street Fighter II'', has long aspired to be the strongest martial artist in the world so as to dominate it. He is the mastermind behind Shadoloo, a covert crime organization, whose death toll has made many lust for revenge against the dictator. By hosting the second World Warrior tournament, Bison hopes to draw out and eliminate these potential threats to his plans.
In a one-on-one match, Bison likes to leap and dive through the air, cheating gravity. The Psycho Crusher turns him into a flaming human torpedo, the Scissor Kick is a quick but powerful feet-first lunge, and the Head Stomp is exactly what it sounds like. Additionally, in the ''Alpha'' series, M. Bison has mastered the Psycho Power, an occult energy that enables him to fly, teleport, and create multiple illusions of himself. Combined with his burning, pupil-less eyes, many see the madman as the embodiment of evil.
== Quote ==
"You came here expecting to find a madman, but instead you found a GOD!"
== Selected game appearances ==
[ ''Street Fighter II: The World Warrior''] (1991)
[ ''Street Fighter II': Champion Edition''] (1992)
''Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams'' (1995)
''X-Men vs. Street Fighter'' (1996)
''Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000'' (2000)
Super NES
[ ''Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers''] (1993)
[ ''Street Fighter Alpha 2''] (1996)
[ ''Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha''] (1997)
== References ==
[ Wikipedia - "M. Bison"]
[ GameSurge - "Street Fighter Alpha 2 Quotes and Dialogue by Robert Iu"]
[ replacementdocs - ''Street Fighter II Turbo'' instruction manual]
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