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Article by: The Coop
Pictured from: Darkstalkers 3
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 1994


In 1678, Morrigan Aenslaed was born in a region of Scotland. Taking her name from an ancient queen of Scotland, she is both the daughter of Berial (a Demon King and true ruler of Makai), and a succubus. Though she is a demon that appears before men in their dreams to draw energy from them in a most sexual fashion, Morrigan also leads a life of her own in the real worlds she visits and lives in... one that's carefree and centered around simply having fun. But this life of pleasure is often at the expense of a heavy burden that she's willing to set down on nearly any whim.

Being the daughter of Berial, she was always the next in line to be the ruler of the Aenslaed family. When Berial died, it was her duty to step up and take his place. However, Morrigan didn't want to leave the fun life she'd become accustomed to over the centuries. As such, the throne for the Aenslaed family remained empty, and Morrigan continued doing what she enjoyed. Among those activities were her occasional excursions into the human world. During one of these treks, she came across a number of Darkstalkers whom she fought for fun to alleviate her boredom. She would later come face-to-face with Pyron, a powerful alien made up of energy, and defeat him. After absorbing his essence, she returned to her castle in the Demon World. However, while she played, other forces were at work in the shadows of her frivolity.

To the Vampire Lord Demitri, an exile from Makai who'd been banished to the human world when he challenged Berial and lost, Morrigan was an obstacle. He wished nothing less than to have her out of his way in one form or another so that he could claim the power he'd tried to get in the past. But Demitri wasn't the only one who had plans with Morrigan. Another succubus named Lilith Aenslaed, who looked very much like a young girl despite being as old as the succubus she chased, not only wanted Morrigan, but needed her. Lilith had once been a part of Morrigan's power when the green-haired succubus was born, and was freed by Jedah Dohma (the Dark Messiah who wanted to bring peace to Makai by joining all the souls there). She required Morrigan's body to continue to exist, and with this need, Lilith set out to find Morrigan. Because Morrigan's castle had been pulled into Majigen, a void created by Jedah to carry out his plans, it wasn't long before the two met.

In a brutal fight, Morrigan bested Lilith. She knew that Lilith needed a body to stay alive, and at first, Morrigan simply taunted the young succubus with her body. In a moment of apparent pity, Morrigan knelt down next to Lilith as the young demoness was fading. After a moment, Morrigan held Lilith, and allowed Lilith to come into her body. With this, Morrigan's broken power was whole again, and everything around her seemed fresh and new. Soaring over the human world, Morrigan reveled in the new feeling, and couldn't help but wonder if it had come from that young girl she'd been confronted by.


"You're energetic as ever, just don't be in such a rush."

Selected game appearances


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Neo Geo Pocket Color

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  • Capcom vs. SNK Pro (2002)

PlayStation 2

  • Namco × Capcom (2005)
  • Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (2005)



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