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=== Nintendo DS ===
=== Nintendo DS ===
*[ ''Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney''] (2005)
*[ ''Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney''] (2005)
=== iOS ===
*''Puzzle Fighter'' (2017)
== References ==
== References ==

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Article by: Taylor Lake (Darklink42)
Pictured from: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 2001


When it was first ported overseas to America, there was some doubt about how the Ace Attorney series would be received. It was a pure adventure game, an entry into a genre which had been all but replaced by action-adventure and role-playing games, along with the advent of more powerful gaming platforms. Now known for its over-the-top courtroom cases, expert blend of dark scenarios and humorous storytelling, and huge cast of memorable characters, the series and Phoenix Wright himself have become a familiar name to gamers. In particular, his trademark shout of "Objection!" with his finger pointing, full arm thrust has become a popular icon among gamers and the internet community alike.

Phoenix Wright is a defense lawyer who takes on cases that often seem hopeless. His ability to turn crushing loss into success is the reason why every case is referred to as a "turnabout." Despite this, he's not a very confident man when put under the gun, often having to rely on his friends to point out where he's gone wrong. Phoenix makes up for his flaws by believing very firmly in the innocence of his clients, and is willing to argue against everyone he knows to prove it. Outside of the courtroom, he is a genuinely caring man who looks after those who have been wronged. He is, however, generous to a fault, often ending up paying for things that his friends want.

The series itself focuses on Phoenix Wright and the various trials throughout his career which have brought him into contact with some of his closest friends and allies. The Fey family, for instance, plays a major role in his life, starting when Mia Fey defends Phoenix in court. Once he decides to become a lawyer, Mia acts as his boss, mentor, and best friend. Despite that, it is her younger sister Maya who becomes his constant companion. She tags along as his partner, providing helpful advice and counterpointing Phoenix's often dry observations with her own quirky ones. Among his other allies are the bumbling but loyal Detective Dick Gumshoe, the ever troublemaking Larry Butz, and his fiercest competitor, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, who has come to respect Phoenix and even act as a reluctant ally after losing several cases against him.

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