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Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Chrono Trigger
Created by: Square
First appearance: 1995


The year is 2300 A.D., three centuries after the apocalyptic Day of Lavos. Ashen winds blow over the barren land. Rag-tattered humans take shelter in monster-infested domes, no longer centers of technological advances. Serial droid R-66Y, a yellow sheep in the dominantly blue R Series of humanoid robots, lies disabled and alone in Proto Dome.

Enter a trio of time slippers from the year 1000 A.D., one of which is the tech-savvy scientist Lucca. With her curiosity piqued by the advanced machine, she puts her brain cells to work repairing, programming, and polishing it up. The bulky 'bot sparks to life, displaying manners, supercomputer-like communication skills, and a profound loyalty to his new friends, who name him Robo. All that's missing is a purpose in life.

Not wanting to kill humans — especially not his savior, Lucca — Robo fights alongside them. His metallic frame punctuates his punches, hides explosives, and keeps him shiny and shock-resistant. No baddie is too tough for Robo to (literally) tackle. Defensively, his beams can heal other party members. But these skills are not enough to fix his broken world. Robo's only hope is to follow his friends back in time to help alter Armageddon.


"Good morning, mistress. What is your command?"

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