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Article by: '''Taylor Lake ([ Darklink42])'''<br>
Article by: '''Taylor Lake ([ Darklink42])'''<br>
Pictured from: ''DuckTales''<br/>
Pictured from: ''DuckTales''<br/>
Created by: [ Disney]<br/>
Created by: [ Disney]<br/>
First appearance: 1947 (non-game)
First appearance: 1947 (non-game)

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"I wouldn't miss this for all the scones in Scotland!"


Article by: Taylor Lake (Darklink42)
Pictured from: DuckTales
Created by: Disney
First appearance: 1947 (non-game)


Scrooge McDuck started out from the bottom as a lowly shoe shiner in his native hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. From those humble roots, he's grown to be the richest duck in the world. His first taste of American currency was a dime he got as a kid, and although he now has a tower filled with gold coins that he swims in, he still keeps that dime in a jar to remind himself and his nephews of the value of hard work. Be it from competition with others or just plain ennui from being at the top, he is constantly on the lookout for new ways to make money. Not above adventuring, even at his distinguished age, Scrooge has explored countless famous locations in search of treasures, wealth, and fame.

For all of his wealth, Scrooge was a lonely old miser for a long time, having little to do with his relatives. He is the uncle of Donald Duck, and more eminently, the great-uncle of the triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Once he started looking after his nephews, and shared some adventures with them, he softened considerably and has since become their beloved "Uncle Scrooge." Wealth also breeds enemies, and Scrooge has his hands full with the likes of fellow Scotsman and tycoon Flintheart Glomgold, as well as the notorious Beagle Boys, a group of thieves dedicated almost exclusively to robbing him.

Aided by his nephews and his bumbling but loyal pilot Launchpad, Scrooge set out in DuckTales for the NES to acquire famous treasures from around the world to reinforce his position as the world's richest duck. This was his first video game appearance, and is still remembered fondly by gamers for its challenging gameplay and catchy soundtrack. Scrooge McDuck hasn't been in many games since then. In Kingdom Hearts II, his most recent appearance, he helped King Mickey develop the space transit system which links the worlds together. He also has a fondness for sea salt ice cream.

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