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Article by: OmegaMe
Pictured from: Chrono Cross
Created by: Square
First appearance: 1999


Serge is the silent protagonist of Chrono Cross, a role-playing game remotely based on its predecessor, Chrono Trigger. Much like Crono in the first game, Serge has no speaking parts aside from the various choices the player makes as his story unfolds. This allows the character to represent the player, rather than remaining confined to an assigned personality, which the other 40 or so playable characters in the game have.

Serge's story begins in a serene village, where he wakes up from an ominous dream to find himself merely collecting scales by the beach for a girl in the village. When meeting up with her, Serge is suddenly transported into another world where things have changed drastically. Serge thereafter begins a journey whose goal changes throughout the story. At first trying to return home, he then struggles to save his friend, and he ultimately sets out to — of course — save the world.

Chrono Cross follows neither the style of the Final Fantasy series nor that of its prequel Chrono Trigger. But despite its mixed fan following, it's regarded as an iconic title among PlayStation RPGs with its deep character development and its complex storyline.

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