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<big>'''Download ZIP of Entire Album!</big><br/>
<big>'''Download ZIP of Entire Album!</big><br/>
(HQ MP3, 61.7MB)''' - Right-click & save any mirror link: [ MIRROR 1] ~ [ MIRROR 2] ~ [ MIRROR 3]
(HQ MP3, 62MB)''' - Right-click & save any mirror link: [ MIRROR 1] ~ [ MIRROR 2] ~ [ MIRROR 3]
== Share the News! ==
== Share the News! ==

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Sophomore Year front cover

Creator/Director/Artwork: Andrew Luers (OceansAndrew)
OverClocked University: Andrew Luers (OceansAndrew), Deia Vengen (DragonAvenger), Stevo Bortz (Level 99) & Thomas Colegrove
Executive Producers: David W. Lloyd (djpretzel) & Larry Oji (Liontamer)

Sophomore Year features 8 tracks from OverClocked University, arranging music from several best-selling video games. It was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by any game publisher or developer; all images, characters, and original compositions are copyright their respective owners.

This album was produced to help promote video game music, video games, all the original composers' compositions, and the talented artists that contributed to this project.

Download the Album

You can download the entire album using BitTorrent or download just the ZIP.

Download Torrent of Entire Album!
(HQ MP3 & FLAC, 8 Tracks, 30:41, 419MB)

Download ZIP of Entire Album!
(HQ MP3, 62MB) - Right-click & save any mirror link: MIRROR 1 ~ MIRROR 2 ~ MIRROR 3

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1. OverClocked University feat. prophetik music - "Eye of the Trigger"

Source: Chrono Trigger - "Outskirts of Time"
Original Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda

2. OverClocked University - "The Nature of Evil"

Source: Castlevania II - "Bloody Tears (Street-day time-Stage BGM)"
Original Composer: Ken-ichi Matsubara

3. OverClocked University - "Chromium Asphyxiation"

Source: Sonic & Knuckles - "Death Egg Zone: Act 1"
Original Composers: Sega Sound Team

4. OverClocked University - "Home Sweet Guldove"

Source: Chrono Cross - "Guldove: Home"
Original Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda

5. OverClocked University - "Twin Seeds Flyby"

Source: NiGHTS into dreams... - "Tomoko Sasaki"
Original Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

6. OverClocked University - "Not Just Bleeps and Bloops Anymore"

Source: Super Mario Galaxy - "Mahito Yokota"
Original Composer: Masato Nakamura

7. OverClocked University feat. Moonlapse - "Family Man"

Sources: Street Fighter II - "Guile (U.S.A.)," "Zangief (U.S.S.R.)," "Ryu (Japan)"
Original Composer: Yoko Shimomura

8. OverClocked University - "Pwntera"

Sources: Ragnarök Online - "Theme of Prontera," "Wanna Be Free!"
Original Composers: soundTeMP

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