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"I should have known I couldn't live without this..."


Article by: Daethar
Pictured from: Soul Calibur III
Created by: Namco
First appearance: 2005


Tira is a 17-year-old girl with unknown origins. She was taken in as a child by a group of assassins called the "Birds of Passage," and they worked to shape the history of Europe from behind the scenes. Under the assassins' direction, Tira became comfortable with killing to the point where she needed murder just for the stimulation that it provided her. Tira always stayed cheerful through her ghastly assignments as if she enjoyed them, but this was simply a way to hide her true feelings.

The return of the evil sword called Soul Edge cut her ties with these killers. Their leader died, and Tira was set free from their influence. A kind family adopted her, but she slaughtered them, unable to shake her assassin's instincts, and so she resigned to a life of killing.

Using her ring blade to leave bloody remains of those she came across, Tira eventually learned of massacres that rivaled her own. Their perpetrator was Nightmare, the set of armor possessed by Soul Edge. Tira pledged loyalty to the fell sword, for she felt that she had found a kindred spirit.

Tira's story hereafter is detailed in the fourth installment of the Soul Edge series, Soul Calibur III. Her motives are dark: to destroy the pure sword Soul Calibur and to find a new host for the evil Soul Edge to inhabit so that it can once again be among the living. She uses a ring-shaped blade named Aisel Nedrossel, and she calls her fighting technique the "Dance of Death." She is commonly seen in the company of ravens that are whispered to be dark "watchers" under the control of Soul Edge.

Selected game appearances

PlayStation 2

  • Soul Calibur III (2005)



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