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What's a good torrent client?

uTorrent - Watch the installer steps and uncheck the correct boxes to make sure you don't install any unneeded toolbars or bloatware. Otherwise, it's a great, light program. You can also install uTorrent via a site like and it will make sure to install it without any junk.

  • If you want a simple but functional client, try BitTornado.
  • If you would like a more fully-featured client, we recommend µTorrent.
  • If you use macOS, we recommend Transmission.
  • If you have trouble downloading the files, try upgrading your client to one of the ones we have recommended. Older clients might have trouble with the multi-file format of the torrents and complain about "too many open files".

Is it legal to download OC ReMixes?


Really?!? Even by torrent, which is a scary word and seems legally nebulous?

YES. It's fine. Torrent programs and torrents aren't inherently illegal, that's dependent on what specific content you're downloading. If you're downloading content you're supposed to be paying for, that's illegal. If you're downloading OC ReMixes, which are offered for free on our main website, and it's from a torrent organized by us, it's OK.

Can I download OC ReMixes via torrent without getting a virus?

Yes. Just make sure you don't install any of the toolbars/junk bundled within uTorrent or any other BitTorrent client. The ReMix torrents are just music, no viruses.


  • The torrent files hosted here require you to have a BitTorrent client on your computer.
  • BitTorrent is a distributed download system that uses a special client that forces everyone downloading to share with everyone else for that specific download, even as it is in progress. More info can be found at
  • You can use a BitTorrent client to easily download a complete set of at least the first 3,000 OC ReMixes in addition to all OC ReMix album projects.
  • Some ReMixes have been removed from OC ReMix because of rules violations, by request, or some other reason. The torrents served here contain only the ReMixes that are currently published on OC ReMix. This means that if you download OCR00001 to OCR03000 you will end up with quite a bit less than 3,000 mp3s.


  • Because these torrents contain the mp3 files themselves, you can and should download them into whichever directory you already store OC ReMixes. Assuming you haven't mucked with the filenames of mixes you've downloaded, the torrent client should recognize the existing files and you won't have to redownload those tracks.
  • Do not try to play ReMixes while the download is in progress. The songs you listen to will very likely be messed up and sound like they contain pieces of several songs in them. Once your BitTorrent client finishes the download, all the songs downloaded will sound like they are supposed to. Seriously. Have some faith.
  • The important part to remember about downloading the ReMixes via BitTorrent is that if you give your client time, you will have a perfect set of ReMixes. Even if your downloads are going slow, they will progress and complete. The clients can handle all sorts of adverse network conditions and will eventually get you the files. Even modem users will get the files eventually.
  • You can resume downloads at a later date if you need to. Just open the torrent file with your client and point your client to the same directory you were downloading to before. The client will continue where it left off.
  • If you are behind a firewall you will be able to download faster if you forward/open port 6881. If you use BitTorrent to download two things at once, you will also need to forward/open port 6882. Newer clients may use different ports than these. Check your client's settings to make sure you are forwarding to the right port


  • Unless you have tons of bandwidth available, only try to seed one of the torrents. Trying to seed them all will just likely slow your computer and internet connection down enough to where you want to quit seeding in no time.
  • Seed with TheSHAD0W's experimental client (i.e. BitTornado) and then use its ability to throttle the upload rate to something less than your full upload rate. This will allow you the ability to use your internet connection for other things without issue.
  • If you can, change the priority of the client from 'normal' to 'low'. This will possibly make your Windows desktop more responsive even as your system is serving files.
  • A good way of choosing what torrent to seed would be to look for which torrent has the least number of seeders.
  • Here is an example of using the command line version of the client to seed a file. It would be useful to Unix users.


  • Why aren't the ReMixes split up into groups of 100 or something small?
    • The more torrents there are, the thinner our seeders will have to spread themselves to cover the downloads. Ultimately, this would result in slower downloads for most people.



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