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Article by: '''[ OmegaMe]''' <br>
Article by: '''[ OmegaMe]''' <br>
Pictured from: ''Final Fantasy IX'' <br>
Pictured from: ''Final Fantasy IX'' <br>

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Article by: OmegaMe
Pictured from: Final Fantasy IX
Created by: Square
First appearance: 2000


As a younger main character of Final Fantasy IX, Vivi is perhaps the most appreciated. His design is taken directly from the generic black mages in the first Final Fantasy games, which prior to the ninth installment had disappeared from the series. The ninth Final Fantasy is incredibly different from its neighbors in the series in that it takes players back to the series's roots. It features a playful plot and a nostalgic fantasy setting. Thus, the characters are not very customizable and have predetermined classes. There are no handguns or helicopters or other complex machines from the modern world. The characters are casually designed and unrealistically young. Much of the game alludes to elements of past Final Fantasy games — Vivi is one of these elements.

In the game Vivi is a clumsy, childish character who is ignorant of the world around him but wise in dealing with the challenges in it. Vivi's conflict involves his search for identity after he learns early in the game that he was not born but actually manufactured as a tool for war. He searches for answers about life and death and also about free will and fate. He is revered by normal people as an extremely powerful black mage, and he plays a key role among the heroes of the game as the only user of magic such as Fire, Ice, Thunder, and others.


"What's the point of living if you can't feel alive?"

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