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"You called me stupid again!"


Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Lufia: The Legend Returns
Created by: Neverland
First appearance: 2001


Wain is your run-of-the-mill swordsman from the quiet village of Patos. Not one to back down from a challenge, Wain's tenacity gets the better of him in verbal disputes as well as physical ones. This is evident in his fights with Seena, a wandering gypsy, who downplays his brains out of spite and sympathy alike.

Soon after they meet, the nearby Death Tower strikes a house with a bolt of lightning, setting the house aflame. Wain rescues the girl trapped inside, and collapses thereafter. Seena nurses him back to health, and the two become "pals."

Per the backstory surrounding all Lufia games, the Sinistrals of Chaos, Destruction, Terror, and Death have arisen to wreak havoc upon the world. Seena's visions, coupled with her compliments on Wain's bravery, help convince him to join up with her, stop the Sinistrals, and earn fame and fortune along the way. Wain, seventeen, is the first of eleven recruits in the company of Seena, sixteen.

Selected game appearances

Game Boy Color

  • Lufia: The Legend Returns (2001)



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