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Article by: David Hesselbom (Dafydd)
Pictured from: Mega Man Xtreme
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 1993


This article is one of two X biographies. For more information, see the X bio.

The Mega Man series has always had a small RPG element: the protagonist's ability to collect certain enemies' weapons and use them against other enemies. The X series introduced more such elements to the franchise, including the possibility to upgrade armor and gain new abilities by finding upgrade capsules, left by Dr. Light as his last legacy. Mega Man's sliding ability was first introduced in Mega Man 3 for the NES and in Mega Man II for Game Boy (Mega Man slides feet first; X dashes head first), but X needs to find a pair of new boots before he can dash (though only in Mega Man X).

Other upgrades in Mega Man X include the new helmet that allows X to break certain blocks as he butts into them, and the new X-Buster that allows X to charge his shots beyond his normal charged shot into a massive, purple wall of plasma. This X-Buster upgrade also allows him to fire charged shots of the new weapons he receives during the game. Each game in the series starts with X in his standard armor and introduces new abilities that come with the upgrades as the series progresses — the armors are not the same in every game, nor do they look the same. For example, in Mega Man X2, the torso upgrade not only allows X to take more damage, but it also enables him, when fully charged, to perform a powerful attack that kills almost everything on the screen at once (the effect is similar to the Power Bomb in Super Metroid). The picture above is how the armor looks in Mega Man Xtreme.

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