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"When little brats bother me like this, they die."


Article by: Alex Stuart (Linearity)
Pictured from: Guilty Gear: The Missing Link
Created by: Arc System Works
First appearance: 1998


Zato-1 has been a fighter in the Guilty Gear series since its inception. He was originally an assassin who shared his body with a sentient, parasitic form of life called Eddie. In Guilty Gear, Zato-1 controls Eddie's actions and uses it as a deadly weapon, but in Guilty Gear X the parasite takes control of Zato-1's body and begins directing their relationship toward its own ends. By the time of Guilty Gear XX, Zato-1 is dead, and the character list refers to the two bodies as Eddie.

Zato-1 is blind, having sacrificed his sight for the privilege of using Eddie. He was a Spaniard and the leader of the Assassins' Guild until being consumed by Eddie; as such he has history with assassins Millia Rage and Venom.

Eddie's physical form is ever-changing: nominally a turbulent cloud at Zato-1's feet, it can become a claw, a set of drills, and other dangerous objects that materialize from unexpected places about Zato-1's body. Eddie often takes a form resembling a gargoyle, allowing it to fly; this could be interpreted as the character's true form.

Selected game appearances


  • Guilty Gear: The Missing Link (1998)


PlayStation 2


  • Guilty Gear Isuka (2004)

PlayStation 4



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